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    Pursuant to my review of Colin Gunn’s documentary on rescuing your children from Satan’s schools, Paul Dorr contacted me. LRC’s longtime readers may be familiar with Mr. Dorr and his company, Copperhead Consulting (boy, do I love that name! All by itself, it spits in Leviathan’s eye given its associations with the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag and the popular song, Copperhead Road, I’m pretty much a classical-music snob, but even I boogie to John Lee Pettimore’s war against the feds!). Mr. Dorr published an article here in 2002 entitled, “Why I Defeat Government School Bond Levies At The Ballot Box and Do It For A Profit.” 

    Those of you battling the thugs and thieves in your city, county, or state governments, particularly the educrats, may want to check out Copperhead Consulting — after you liberate your helpless dependents from Leviathan’s gulags.

    By the way, I appreciate Mr. Dorr’s emphasis on fighting local tyranny. I’ve noticed an illogical and incomprehensible trend among libertarians (another reason I’m an anarchist) that minimizes or even dismisses dictatorship so long as it’s not emanating from the feds. But despotism is despotism, whether the wannabe totalitarian lives in DC or Des Moines.


    10:54 am on January 16, 2013