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    Isn’t it amazing how the war against the government’s war on fat is escalating exponentially, as the Ancestral Health movement picks up steam and paleo-primal principles have become more popular than ever? So many media outlets, nowadays, are running their own bit of anti-conventional wisdom in favor of promoting the real-food principles that most of our parents (or grandparents) held dear, before the onslaught of the government-enabled, industrial-fast food slaughter.

    The American obsession with avoiding fat, fueled by congressional politicking and phony federal dietary guidelines, is finally losing its turf battles against those who have been challenging the conventional mythology and federalized fiction. This is, of course, thanks to the Internet and the wave of skeptics who are now questioning forty years of non-science and corporate state, rent-seeking endeavors.

    Of course, fat is not only not bad for you, but it is a necessary component for good health and strong immunity. I’m pleased to see that another young filmmaker has chosen to make a pro-fat feature documentary titled, “In Defense of Fat.” I hope she gets her financing and finishes the film.

    Additionally, listen to Lew Rockwell’s latest podcast with the guy of “Fathead” fame, Tom Naughton. Here are my writings from 2011 on Tom Naughton and his excellent work.


    7:23 pm on September 5, 2012
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