Alarming News Campaign

It’s always interesting to see what’s trumpeted by our state-compliant media. For a long time, the military has had trouble recuiting kids to kill and be killed in Iraq, even testosterone-addled teenagers. The reserves and the national guard have been even less successful. Such news was suppressed outside of alternative sources. FOX, as usual, was a policeman on the matter. Now the whole media are talking about the shortfall. The reason: softening us up for the immoral and unconstitutional draft. When the Republicans, to shut up the Democrats and the fringes of the media, passed a phony anti-draft bill last fall, I saw it as a sign that they planned to impose it later. After all, for its evil wars, the state needs the draft as it needs the central bank and the income tax, justifying–as usual–tyranny as security. (Thanks to for the link.)


11:30 am on June 10, 2005