• Afghanistan a New U.S. Protectorate

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    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today announced the special status of Afghanistan as a “major non-NATO ally” of the U.S. government. It joins such other governments as Israel, the Philippines, Japan, Bahrain, and Pakistan. This is intended as a long-term arrangement.

    Financing will be done by the IRS, which will seize the wealth of certain Americans. The program is called “Affordable Afghanistan Care.” Obama promises that this will reduce foreign aid costs and lower the budget deficit. Hillary Clinton says that the skill that she has shown in devising this seizure makes her worthy of being president in 2016. However, her Republican and Democrat critics are quick to point out that she has merely imitated past programs that they created and supported, including Affordable Israel Care, Affordable Japan Care, Affordable South Korea Care, Affordable Pakistan Care, Affordable Australian Care, Affordable Egypt Care, Affordable Argentina Care, Affordable Jordan Care, Affordable New Zealand Care, and others.


    5:49 am on July 7, 2012