Adorning the Bride

In these totalitarian times, when evil has so easily conquered pastors and fellow believers whom we had admired as stalwart disciples of Christ, it’s easy to forget that He is sovereign and in complete control. However shocked we may be at the State’s sudden destruction of our world, economy, truth and freedom—and our brothers and sisters’ cooperation with such wickedness—, God isn’t. He knows exactly what He’s doing, allowing this upheaval (and yes, on an individual basis, your unemployment, your daughter’s crushing disappointment at her commencement’s cancellation, your father’s lonely death as hospitals brutally separate families) and He will bring about His eternal, loving purposes. 

One of which may be the purification of His bride. As Tim writes, “My hope is that a lot of Sunday morning Christians will walk away from churches and that this might leave behind a group of Christians that will help encourage churches and pastors to focus more on what is important and less on peripheral aspects.”

Please God, we’ll endure far less wrangling about the color of the new carpet in the sanctuary while we benefit from far more obedience to His Word.


1:35 pm on May 17, 2020