A Student Returns to the Fold

From: K
Sent: Monday, July 22, 2019 2:05 PM
To: wblock@loyno.edu
Subject: Late thank for your class

Dear Dr. Block,

I’ve tried writing this email a few times but have never known where to start. I’ll attempt to make this email as short as possible and get to the point. I took and intro to economics class in 2010 with you at Loyola University. The combination of my parents having left communism in 1988 (and to this day being very anti socialist) and MM (my sister’s mother in law) telling me you were looney made me already think you had something good to say. Unfortunately for me I didn’t end up paying attention or read anything on the syllabus and walked out of your class with a C+.

Fast forward to today. I am 28 years old working as an accountant in XX after having left New Orleans and then YY. From 2011ish to 2018 I thought internally I was a Republican by default only because I viewed Democrats as pandering con artists. Anyway….I began listening to Dave Smith’s Part of the Problem podcast late 2018 and that led me to watching youtube clips of Ron Paul, reading Defending the Undefendable, and Rothbard’s Anatomy of the State. I haven’t been able stop reading, listening and watching debates for almost a year now. I have to say that everything I read just seems right.

I say that I regret not having paid attention in your class, but honestly I wasn’t ready for it anyway. If you ever have a seminar or debate in Louisiana or Texas I would love to attend.  My only problem is some books and essays I try reading refer to ideas or economic concepts that I am not familiar with which makes it difficult to follow. (If you could recommend a few books that would be great for a student I’d really appreciate it.)

Sincerely, K

From: Walter Block <wblock@loyno.edu>
Sent: Monday, July 22, 2019 4:18 PM
To: K
Subject: RE: Late thank for your class

Dear Andrew:

Better late than never. I’m delighted you now have “got religion.” Why’d MM say I was “looney?”

Here is material you could start in on. When you finish these, do get in touch for more.

Rothbard, Murray N. 1998. The Ethics of Liberty, New York: New York University Press.http://www.mises.org/rothbard/ethics/ethics.asp

Rothbard, Murray N. 1973. For a New Liberty, Macmillan, New York;


Block, Walter E. 2013. Defending the Undefendable II: Freedom in all realms; Mises Institute, Auburn AL; Terra Libertas Publishing House; isbn: 978-1-908089-37-3; http://store.mises.org/Defending-the-Undefendable-2-P10932.aspx

Rothbard, Murray N. 2019. “Myth and Truth about Libertarianism.” July 20;


When next you’re in NO, come see me.


4:36 pm on September 1, 2019