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    Three Dead Americans at Buna Beach taken by George Strock in 1943 is appropriate as we watch neocon warmongers press for territorial, cultural and economic murder in Syria and Persia, while persisting at the same in Iraq and Afghanistan, North Africa and elsewhere.  WWII Pacific islands are become desert lilypads, sea becomes sand and rock, and the same Americans (and millions of other human beings) will die in order for the state to survive and thrive.  The cancer in America, as it has been in so many other places and times, is the state.   Its unnatural and all-consuming existence is usually unseen and unrecognized by the patient, until it is too late.  Here we have a picture of a typical symptom of the disease.  One can understand the state’s reluctance, then and now, to reveal these images, and our own unhappy efforts to avoid looking at them.


    7:44 am on November 26, 2013
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