• A Stopped Clock Can Still Be Right

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    Perhaps the time has come for me to resign as Your Intrepid Reporter: I actually agree with one of the TSA’s perverts.

    The unnamed goon was searching papers in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment at Los Angeles International Airport; the Los Angeles Slimes dignifies this unconstitutionality as “the pre-flight security check,” while Salon describes it as “checking passenger identifications.” One girl, traveling with a group of students to tour colleges, says that Unnamed Goon was “’glaring’… and mumbling in her direction. He then reportedly told her, ‘You’re only 15, COVER YOURSELF!’”

    The TSA’s thugs scold zillions of passengers each day. But this time the victim was Sarina Frauenfelder, who promptly relayed the incident to her father, Mark. In 1995, he’d founded a website named BoingBoing; that now provided him a ready pulpit for lambasting the TSA. Which is terrific, given that the agency’s Unnamed Goons eviscerate all decency, freedom, humanity and natural law as they assault taxpayers.

    But those crimes are not what has Frauenfelder and feminists everywhere in high dudgeon. No, they’re angry that a Mere Man dared venture an opinion about a Vastly Superior Female. Does Unnamed Goon not realize he is too lowly to judge The Higher Sex-sorry, Gender? Has he failed to understand that his place is to submit – but never respond – to whatever abuse, exploitation, provocation, temptation or teasing the VSF wishes to visit on him? Submit meekly, I might add, as meekly as passengers submit to his blue-gloved ministrations.

    Alas, Sarina’s attire was indeed slutty: tights, a tank top that reaches neither high enough at the neck nor low enough at the waist, and a flannel shirt that highlights her nudity rather than concealing it. I would never have escaped the house in such dishabille – heck, I wouldn’t even have escaped my room nor my parents’ wrath for buying such clothes in the first place, let alone donning them.

    And I’m not the only one the Frauenfelders’ style appalls. I hesitated to weigh in on this latest installment from the TSA’s endless annals of tyranny since I’m not a mother. But some who have commented on the story agree with my assessment: “Wow!” says one. “I would never let my daughter out of the house like this. (She would thankfully feel undressed and never try to wear an outfit like this.)”

    No matter: feminists long ago mastered cloud-cuckoo-land. These are the hopelessly deluded nutjobs who pretend the State is our greatest benefactor; should we expect any closer grasp of reality when it comes to relations between men and women? It is an article of blind faith with them that “normal” men are sexless, neutered beings who never, ever see a woman, regardless of how she’s dressed (or, more accurately, undressed), as anything but a colleague deserving equal opportunities, pay, and benefits. Only an unspeakable degenerate looks on a half-clothed hussy and succumbs to natural instincts. (Intriguing question: where do lesbians lusting after a gal dressed like Sarina rate on this scale?)

    And so the feminists’ narrative presents Sarina as a poor little girl, not a floozy-in-training flaunting her body, while Unnamed Goon has “creepy thoughts” and a “problem.” His unsolicited advice was “absolutely inappropriate, harassing, aggressive, creepy, unprofessional, and Taliban-y.” Taliban-y? Yo, Feminists: don’t you know that the Taliban are the Feds’ allies, with Our Rulers shoveling millions in “foreign aid” at them? Meanwhile, please educate us on how the TSA’s Goons are “professional” when they gate-rape women. And while you’re at it, explain why you have remained completely silent for eleven years in the face of that atrocity yet blow every gasket when Unnamed Goon mouths off. (Not that you shouldn’t castigate UG, but still, where’s your sense of proportion? OK, OK, I admit, I’m expecting too much from you.)

    And of course, Sarina’s parents, the ones who encourage her to look as though she’s trolling for customers and entrust her to the TSA’s predators rather than driving her where she wants to go, are earning plaudits as “pretty much more awesome than anybody.” For what it’s worth, “Frauenfelder adds that he and his wife, Carla Sinclair, met with TSA agents at LAX and they are investigating the incident, and that the supervising officer was ‘apologetic, concerned, and professional.’”

    Oh, I’ll bet he was. Courtesy among statists, you know.


    9:07 am on June 19, 2013