A Stately Spawn

The Original Parson Goat? prompted Scott Evans to write:

…Any “church” that is named “Church Of …”, followed by the name of a temporal nation, is NOT part of the Body of Christ. Rather, it is a political creation, a skinsuit made to serve the (usually blasphemous and/or demonic) ends of the temporal ruler who created it. The original model, created by the gluttonous, adulterous tyrant King Henry VIII of England, was a “middle finger salute” to the pope who wouldn’t grant Henry a divorce from his first (and only Scripturally legal) wife. No doctrinal disputes with the Catholic church, no spiritual inspiration to challenge the heresies of Rome. Just pure spite and manipulation for vain, self (and Satan)-serving ends. Thus has it been ever since with every other monarch that has created his own “national church.”

Are there devout Christians in the Anglican Church? Absolutely. I fellowshipped with them when I joined one Reformed Anglican church as well as when I subsequently attended another (which couldn’t slam its doors fast enough last March. Bah!). Ditto for other “national” churches. But on the whole, especially given the shenanigans among mainline Episcopalians, Scott’s devastating critique stands.

Christians really need to adopt the mindset that any of the vile offensiveness emanating from any of these skin suit faux churches is irrelevant to the Body of Christ, as these organizations and their human contents are not and never were part of it. The only reason most of us are concerned at all is that these skin suits deceive non-believers into thinking of them as representative of true Christianity. Unfortunately, plenty of other “mainstream” denominations that are every bit as apostate or heretical are also leading them astray. I suppose we just have to take solace in knowing that one of Our Lord’s first acts upon His return is going to be the purging of His church of the chaff and the goats, meaning a quick and painful end to blasphemous, apostate frauds like “the United Church of Canada.”

And some “Christians” eviscerate the Almighty’s righteous judgement to focus exclusively on His love! Again I shout, “Bah!”


8:07 am on June 14, 2021