A Society of Chemical-Consuming Zombies

Dale Steinreich writes about how one mom of a five-year-old was able to treat her son’s zombie-like behavior which was labeled as ADHD. She removed all the processed food from the kid’s diet and he was then much better. Steinreich also mentions a study which showed a linkage between ADHD and chemical food dyes in many processed foods. But obviously it isn’t just kids who consume products laden with dyes and other chemicals. A lot of people are eating foods loaded with chemicals that run throughout the bloodstream and to the brain, affecting the neurotransmitters and thus their moods, their ability to concentrate and reason.

And then we have Michelle Obama the school lunch dictator who wants the schools to force-feed the kids with the processed foods and chemicals contained in them, because she believes that parents are too ignorant regarding diet and nutrition to feed their own kids. There have been schools now in which bagged lunches from home are actually banned. And if a kid brings in her own lunch, Mommy gets in trouble. That’s nuts.

In addition to the kids whose minds are being poisoned by the chemicals in the processed foods as well as by the extra vaccines additives and others toxins such as with those kids who have been unnecessarily and dangerously put on the psychiatric meds, we have a population of adults whose behaviors and thinking are affected by all these chemicals they are consuming on a daily basis. We can look at the extremist feminists who hate men and have made it their life’s goal to make life very difficult for the men, as Patrice Lewis has written about just recently. And as Fred Reed has referred to, the feminizing of the schools has institutionalized the phenomenon of suppressing the boys’ normal behaviors and referring to those behaviors as “disorders.”

Now, could it be that the feminists now are so extreme and hateful and vengeful as a consequence of all the processed foods and prescription drugs they have been consuming? I looked up some common brands of oral birth control pills, and among some of the side effects included are “depression,” rage and “confusion.”

And I’m bringing that up because supposedly many feminists are big on promoting (and thus probably using) contraception. All those years of those synthetic chemicals going through their systems and affecting their brains and thus moods and behaviors, just like any other prescription drug as they all go through the bloodstream and into the brain. Walking time bombs.

And I wonder if all that is many times worse now because the feminists of today are much more totalitarian and bitter than the ones of, say, the early 1970s. Even Helen Reddy wouldn’t be as bad as they seem to be today. The drugs seem more powerful, with even stronger chemical effects, and the processed foods certainly have much more chemicals in them now than 50 years ago.

And it isn’t just the feminist extremists, just look at the population in general. Average Americans are obedient zombies who passively and subserviently accept what government bureaucrats tell them, accepting the police state, the TSA molesting and groping at airports and local police-Nazis treating innocent civilians as criminal suspects. In 2004 the zombie Americans showed their approval of two criminal wars of aggression and reelected George W. Bush.

I think there are definitely connections and that Big Pharma and Big Agra really have been playing a large role.


11:52 am on June 24, 2014