A Reliable Source?

CBS News has been “reporting” all afternoon on the crash of the Malaysian 777 airliner in Ukraine.  They just interviewed one of their “experts” who said that the plane was almost certainly shot down by a missile, and that the culprits are the Ukrainian separatists who want to secede and become part of Russia.  The “expert” was then identified as “the former Number Two man at the CIA, now with CBS news.”

A little later the news anchor admitted, “we have no hard facts about what actually happened.”

UPDATE:  John M. writes:  “Is this attack on the plane an attempt to divert the media away from the war crimes in Gaza?”

Chris C. writes to point out that the “hawks of the War Party” say “there will be hell to pay” if it turns out that Ukrainian secessionists are behind this.  However, no similar outrage is being promised by The Hawks of the War Party if it turns out that the Ukrainian military was responsible.



12:53 pm on July 17, 2014