A Question for Those Who Want To Ban All Guns

Since many sheeple believe that it is the inanimate object called a gun that is the problem, i.e., not the sentient being who owns the gun, and that banning all gun ownership will end gun violence (presumably because no one will have guns), I have a question:

Will all of you gun control advocates like Pres. Obama, Nazi Bloomberg, et al. who have personal armed* bodyguards stop using your personal armed bodyguards when all guns are banned because (according to your “logic”) criminals won’t have access to guns anymore—i.e., there is no need to have a personal armed bodyguard for a gun threat that will supposedly no longer exist?

Hmm? Hmmm? Hmmmm?
*I italicized “armed” because I have no problem with them using a personal unarmed bodyguard, just the personal armed bodyguards if all guns are banned since—again, according to their “logic”—there will be no possibility of being confronted by a criminal with a gun.


6:33 am on December 24, 2012