A Principled Parent Deflects a Military Flesh-Peddler

If you have high school-age children, the Pentagon’s child predators are already grooming them — as LRC reader Paul Farah can testify.

“When my adopted son, Manuel, was 17 years old, he received a call from a local US Army recruiter,” he recounted to me in an e-mail. “I answered the phone. The sergeant on the line asked to speak to Manuel, and I wondered what was up, because everyone called him Junior; no one ever called him by his given name.”

Unwarranted first-name familiarity with your child on the part of an adult stranger is always cause for suspicion.

Paul continues:

“I asked, `Who is this?’ `Sergeant [whatever his name was] from the United States Army! I hear he is graduating soon, and I’d like to discuss some career opportunities in the US Army with him!’ I held the phone away from my face, and yelled across the room, clearly, so the sergeant could hear: `Hey, Junior, there is some guy on the phone. Wants you to go to Iraq and kill brown people until you run over a mine in your jeep and blow your balls off!’
Junior laughed.”

“I said to the recruiter, `Sorry, he’s busy playing Nintendo’ — then hung up.”

Concerned parents should be aware of efforts by the Pentagon’s Cannon Fodder Acquisition Directorate to infiltrate the gaming world in order to lure potential victims. Rather than prosecuting that variety of online child enticement, the Regime eagerly subsidizes it.

Protecting one’s children from the Warfare State is among the most urgent duties of a morally alert parent. James Stewart’s performance as Charlie Anderson expresses the proper parental attitude in dealing with those who want to turn young men and women into instruments of the state’s murderous will:


11:03 am on September 4, 2014