A Peace To End All Peace

The Allies’ vicious treaty of Versailles after WWI not only set the stage for Hitler and Lenin, it wrecked the Middle East. David Fromkin’s A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East is beautifully written and documented. It explains the machinations of the British and French empires, whose crimes and schemes were grabbed and extended by the US after WWII. Thanks to John Denson, for recommending this great work to me.


Speaking of books, let me tell you about the greatest ebook reader I have ever encountered, the reader to end all readers, so to speak, the Kindle Paperwhite 3G. It holds 1,000 books, has an extraordinary high-density screen, free 3G and Wi-Fi, and can be read in direct sunlight or total darkness with ease. If you don’t mind ads (and I did not get this version), it is $20 less. Font sizes and brightness can be changed with ease, black is black, white is white, the battery can last 2 weeks, and the Paperwhite has a host of other amazing features. Scroll down here.

I got a leather case, but this seems a better value. The Paperwhite charges easily through your computer’s USB port, but you can also get a plug, which works faster. Thank you, John Keller, for telling me about the astounding Paperwhite!

Oh, and no matter where you are, if you want a new book to read, you can get it in about 2 seconds. Besides the 1,000 books the Paperwhite holds, the Amazon cloud stores all your other Kindle books for immediate downloaded.

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4:27 pm on June 14, 2014