A Nice Letter

From: Gene Epstein [mailto:gene.epstein@gmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2018 6:56 AM
To: walter block
Subject: Re: debate on abortion

When you famously said, echoing The Godfather line, that with Murray Rothbard’s death, we lost half our strength, you were of course quite right. And you clearly resolved, with much success, to make up for that. as ever, Gene

Dear Gene:

Thanks. That’s just about the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a long while. I do indeed try, strive mightily, to pass on the baton Murray was kind enough to bestow on me to the younger generation, through speaking, debating, publishing, having fun, promoting laughter, to the best of my ability.

However, I’m rethinking my calculation. Do all of us together, all of us, equal the output of Murray in terms of promoting liberty, Austrian economics, etc.? I’ve been rereading Murray. I’m now in the midst of his For a New Liberty. I’m gonna be using this book, plus his Ethics of Liberty, for a new course on libertarianism I’ll be teaching freshmen students at Loyola next spring. I now think that we all put together probably provide less than this one man, all by his lonesome. Well, all we can do is to try to follow in his footsteps, as well as our lesser abilities allow. I’m delighted to be a fellow Rothbardian. You are doing excellent work with your Soho Forum debates.

Best regards,



8:57 pm on October 29, 2018