A New Galt’s Gulch?

The Bosnian town of Podgora has banned politicians!  A  banner is strung over the town square that reads “You’ve Been Lying to Us for Years!  No Party is Welcome in Podgora!”  A few politicians showed up anyway, and were promptly kicked out! (A modest suggestion:  This would make a good banner for highway overpasses in the U.S.).

The people of Podgora apparently actually believed the neocon spokesmen for the U.S. regime when they informed them that the antidote to socialism was not economic freedom, private property, and free enterprise but “democracy.”  Podgorians are now “disillusioned by a political class known chiefly for corruption and dysfunction.”  This of course is true of ALL “political classes” everywhere.

What the neocons mean by “democracy,” by the way, is for countries like Bosnia to have puppet governments under the control of the U.S. regime with elections now and then so as to pretend that the people actually have something to do with it.  Just like all those “Peoples’ Republics” under communism, in other words.  Perhaps the elder statesmen of neo-conservatism were joking when they described themselves as “former” Trotskyites.


8:33 am on October 4, 2018