A Libertarian Internet?

From: R
To: wblock@loyno.edu
Subject: Libertarian internet
Dear Dr Block, Is it possible to have a libertarian internet? The internet in its current form exists as wires laid down by companies with government consent and airwaves governed and regulated by the government. Since the government is many huge ways regulates and controls the internet how could it ever possibly be a libertarian vehicle for information? I think this is why there is so much debate regarding net neutrality. If the internet is not the answer what might be?

Dear R: The only things that are not possible to have is a libertarian murder inc., or libertarian rapists, or libertarian thieves. It is entirely possible to have a libertarian anything else, up to and including a libertarian internet. Even given that this enterprise started out hand in glove with the government does not undermine this claim. At one time, pretty much everything in the USSR was part and parcel of that state. Russia’s is of course not yet a laissez faire economy, but, surely, it is moving in that direction, and has already come a long way in that direction. So, be of good cheer, I see no reason not to have a libertarian internet. All we have to do is elect Ron Paul president in 2020; heck, Rand Paul will do quite nicely, thank you.


12:29 am on November 26, 2017