A Jab At Leviathan

TimmyTaes has read doctors’ warnings that The Jab 

may lead to infertility in humans. The question for me is, “How many people would care if this is true?” The schools in the USA teach the children that humans are a scourge on the planet. Gaia is dying due to humans. Pollution, global warming, war, species dying, the oceans are dying,.. humans are a plague on the Earth. Gaia would be a paradise if humans were gone. But who would be here to notice?

My guess is that a large percentage of Americans and especially Europeans, would be happy if the vaccines led to human infertility.

He also marvels at

this “Free Beer for a Covid Shot” program in New Jersey and also in other parts of the country. Want a free beer? Take the Covid injection(s).

This is nothing new.

In 1949 my Dad was a senior at South High in Minneapolis. Two boys in his class joined the US Marine Reserves at nearby Ft. Snelling because even though they were only 18, at Fort Snelling they could drink cheap beer since they were in the Marine Reserves.

The next year they were called up and sent to fight in Korea. Both men were with the Marines at the horrible frozen Battle of Chosin Reservoir. One of the two young men from Minneapolis was killed. The other had his leg blown off.

“A high price to pay for cheap beer,” my dad commented.

Isn’t that always the case with Leviathan’s “deals”?


7:19 pm on May 10, 2021