‘A Fine by Any Other Name Stinks as Bad,’ You Gowned Clown

I’ve never bought medical insurance. The only time a policy has covered me was when it came incidental to a job. The Lord has blessed me with disgustingly good health; then, too, when I was 18, my mother died of a brain tumor that had escaped diagnosis for six years despite excruciating headaches and other symptoms a professor of nursing later described as “classic.” If I were bleeding and unconscious, I might wind up in the clutches of the medical establishment, but never of my own volition.

So I deeply and personally resent Roberts’s little parlor-trick of a word-game. Forcing me to buy medical insurance is unconstitutional if we call it a “fine” but perfectly OK if it’s a “tax.”

I should think even the sponges out there dancing for joy that the Feds have nationalized yet another industry would despise this craven cretin’s insult to simple logic and our intelligence.


7:50 am on June 29, 2012