A Confession of Faith

Perhaps the most astonishing fact about myself that I have discovered in the three years of my retirement since June of 2020 after 28 years of active teaching thousands of students a variety of fundamental core subjects in a high school setting is my profound confession of ignorance and bewilderment in other key components of knowledge that have become critically essential for attempting to understand and comprehend what has been happening in the greater world about me.

In my career and related auxiliary interests I was acquainted with a wide range of historiographical and geopolitical studies related to political philosophy and the Realpolitik evolution over time of ethnocultural and sociopolitical institutions.

But when it came time to beginning to make sense of the science of epidemiology, how complex vaccines are made and how they relate to the human immune system and wellness, the safeness, effectiveness and viability of those vaccines and related products of the pharmacological industries in what has become described as the scientific medical industrial complex, I was compelled to trust and rely upon persons who assumed the status of expert authorities in those discipline areas, to “trust the science.”

Eventually I and untold hundreds of millions of persons upon planet Earth have reached the profoundly disturbing conclusion that we we have been deliberately deluded and lied to with fake narratives of spurious events and manufactured contexts of what has been happening in this critical timeframe. This has fostered a global cognitive dissidence, systemic anxiety, and profound mistrust of medical and scientific authorities prevalent thorough the greater society and of their allied political regimes designated responsible for their care and wellbeing.

I know that I am not alone in this encompancing alienation and estrangement and the consequences these events have fostered.

Please share your thoughts and reflections on how this disparate direction in the course of world events has affected yourself, your family. and colleagues.


9:26 am on May 25, 2023