“Unconstitutional, Dictatorial Fatwas”

Mark in North Carolina wrote me, asking for Greg Moore’s outline:

My pastor is one that needs to read it. Yesterday he was on a County GovCo fb event where about 8 people, mostly GovCo, talked about What The County Is Doing In These Trying Times. Most talked about “how covid-19 has impacted us”. At which point I’d yell at the computer, “I’M NOT IMPACTED BY COVID-19. I’M IMPACTED BY UNCONSTITUTIONAL DICTATORIAL FATWAS BY TYRANTS AND BUREAUCRATS.” Whew, I feel better just typing that….

And I feel better reading it. Never forget, nor let those around you forget, that the closed, ruined businesses, the needless lines and empty shelves in grocery stores, the deserted streets, the wariness of old friends who refuse a hug, are solely due to the dimwits and criminals in office. No flu could ever have ruined civilization as these sociopaths have.


6:38 pm on April 17, 2020