The Blue Shirts Unite Against the People

Lew, little by little, the real story emerges. ABC News had a lengthy segment last night that included an interview with a BS (Blue Shirt) agent. Her bearing did not elicit much confidence in her professionalism — and then the explanation: she was identified as an officer in the AFGE union.

And guess what? AFGE is trying to organize the TSA!

Surprise, surprise — TSA gives us a rare glimpse of the character, demeanor, and (lack of) education of millions of overpaid federal workers employees, and the public wants to vomit. The answer? Nope, you’re wrong, you cynics. You can’t  shut the water off. The right answer is, of course, to approve the  TSA as a target for union organizers—- and Obama’s Labor Department just has.

This means the BS’ers will will never be fired, reformed, or educated, and the TSA will never be dissolved. Every day they can say “I LOVE my job” — even though it’s a dead-end and they already look like Zombies anyway. But what do you do when the public hates you? Join a government union!

And of course there’s some frosting on the cake: now there will be 50,000 more BS union members to “contribute” millions of dollars — already taken forcefully from the taxpayer, of course — to those politicians who applaud and perpetuate the TSA’s program of arrogance, assault, and battery. Only politicians who want the government yoke to be harder, heavier, and even more hideous need apply, of course.


1:25 pm on November 20, 2010