New Lies for Old (Continued)

VD Hanson knows a lot about the impact of illegal immigration, because his family has farmed the central California hills for generations.

He knows very little about war, because, like Thomas Hobbes, Hanson the classicist is a Thucydides scholar. All he knows about politics and war is power.

That’s fine with the neocons, latter-day Trotskyites who reject metaphysics (that is, truth) and thus morality.

So today, gasping for breath as he drowns in the tears of National Review, which now admits that W’s invasion of Iraq was a “catastrophe,” and Jeb Bush, whose heretical disavowal of his big brother’s war is vexing even Lindsey Graham — today Good Ole Trotskyite Boy VD shouts (as he falls into the abyss) the war was the right thing to do.

It’s a shame that, like W, VD doesn’t listen to Pope Saint John Paul II, who warned W that the war would cause “chaos.” Of course, VD plays his hole card – a Joker – and blames everything on Obama – these days the neocons love to pin the tail on the Democrat Donkey, even though Bill Kristol once baptized Obama as a “Born-Again Neocon.”

Neocons invent new truths for old, every day – or better, new lies for old (the name of a very good book, by Anatoly Golitsyin, as I recall).

But while they strut, cash in, and seize what power they can by lying through their teeth again, and again, and again, of two things we can be sure:

They are always wrong.

And they never, ever apologize.


7:07 am on May 20, 2015

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