Attention Gmail Subscribers to the Lew Rockwell Daily Email

Google recently added a “feature” to your inbox without telling you about it. It’s three new folders, including a “Promotions” folder where the Lew Rockwell daily email is going:


Click on promotions and scan it for an email from “Lew Rockwell”:


Here are instructions assuming you would like it in your Primary inbox. Left-click and Hold the mail from Lew, then drag it to the top of the page and drop it in the “Primary” folder on the left. You’ll get a yellow confirmation message – be sure to click “Yes” so you don’t need to do this again:


If you haven’t signed up for the LRC Daily email, take a moment to do so, right over top of this blog in the upper right of the page. Enter your email address in the email address box, and click the blue “Subscribe” button. It’s free, and if anything happens to the site, we’ll be able to email you with the location of our new Internet address.


8:09 pm on August 8, 2013