When History Didn’t Vindicate

“History will vindicate us” — UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, at George W. Bush’s side, 2003.

Blair is “a leader of conviction of passion of moral clarity and eloquence” — Bush, immediately afterwards.

Now it’s history’s turn:

“MPs demanded an emergency recall of the Chilcot inquiry last night after new revelations that Tony Blair blocked the Government’s most senior lawyer from explaining to Cabinet the legality of the war in Iraq,” reports the Independent.

“According to the newly published full version of Alastair Campbell’s diaries, the Attorney General Lord Goldsmith wanted to ‘put the reality’ to cabinet ministers that there was a case against, as well as for, military action in March 2003. But, according to his former spin doctor, the then Prime Minister feared that the legal opinion was too ‘nuanced’ and would allow the war’s ministerial critics Robin Cook and Clare Short to say that the case had not been made.”

Speaking of moral clarity, hundreds of thousands of Christians have been killed or driven out by the government that Bush installed in “liberated” Iraq, but the Christian Bush has never apologized. Blair has become a Catholic, not because he agrees with the Church’s teaching, but so he could become President of a United Europe, a lust which he still harbors in his heart. At least Bush, sensing perhaps at least the aroma of shame, stays hidden, although in luxury, while he is quietly dumped down the Memory Hole by the party he ruined. The pathologically lying Blair championed the war, even acting as spokesman for the often unintelligible Bush (meanwhile, Cheney was busy running the war) — and continues lying about it now.

Blair has no shame. He should follow the noble path trod by John Profumo, whose crimes were insignificant compared to Blair’s, and volunteer to clean toilets at Toynbee Hall for a decade or two. But Blair’s hubris looms far to large for humility to break in.

Good for the Brits for demanding the truth, under oath, and shame on the Congress, both Republican and Democrat, for not impeaching Bush and Cheney. Had they done so, and told Americans the truth about the bipartisan constitutional crimes that perpetuated the war, Ron Paul would be sailing into his second term today, in a Free America.

And both party establishments fear that more than they fear tyranny.


1:35 pm on June 24, 2012