I Love My Bose SoundLink

I recently did my own stress test on my new Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker, and discovered that it surpasses the stated expectations for range and battery life. Plus it’s a joy to use.

No more tangled earbud wires, plus incredible sound for music, podcasts, audiobooks, and streaming video and youtubes. It even fits in a pocket, but if you’re going to travel with it or carry it to work or school, consider a protective case that doesn’t even have to be removed when the speaker is playing. What a St. Valentine’s Day gift!

The Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker;
The SoundLink Wirelesss Bluetooth Case.

Best-selling books last week:

Real Dissent: A Libertarian Sets Fire to the Index Card of Allowable Opinion, by Tom Woods;
The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve, by G. Edward Griffin;
Guilt, Shame, and Anxiety: Understanding and Overcoming Negative Emotions, by Peter R. Breggin, MD.

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4:25 pm on February 6, 2015