The Downfall of the Dollar and the Global Monetary Transition

“I have good news and bad news. The good news is we will all soon be billionaires. The bad news is that by the time that day comes, the dollar will be so devalued that your billions may not purchase your weekly groceries.”

Jarod Kintz, A Memoir of Memories and Memes

There is a bit of important news that is being hidden, covered up, and ignored by most, especially by the controlled mainstream media. Yes, Saudi Arabia did fail to renew the ‘petrodollar’ deal struck with the U.S. decades ago, but what does that really mean, and why now? As I continually say, nothing is done by the State accidentally, nothing is a coincidence, as all is either planned far in advance, or a reaction to some agenda-driven plot. That is why it is imperative to believe nothing, and question everything concerning the State. It is no different with monetary policy, as currency domination is a mainstay of power and control, and the weaponization of the dollar will lead to dramatic changes in the power-play of nations. Meltdown: A Free-Marke... Thomas E. Woods Best Price: $0.25 Buy New $20.00 (as of 02:20 UTC - Details)

It is obvious, although rarely understood by the economically ignorant, which are most of the masses today, that ‘money’ (currency) is still the dominant factor of governing control. In the face of constant political terror and war at every level being inflicted on societies, this is often forgotten, but why is it so misunderstood given that big banks, and banking entities, including all large ‘investment’ houses and the central banks, rule the world? The U.S. has held the top position concerning the control of commerce and trade due to its dollar hegemony, for at least the past 50 years, but things are changing, and the reasons are not limited to money printing and debt, as there is a much a more complicated conspiracy underlying this global monetary transition.

The talk of a one world governing system, a “great reset,” and a digitized world, have more to do with this assumed abandonment of the dollar as the single reserve currency, than is being discussed. While the U.S., due to its monetary position over the last many decades, has been threatening countries around the globe with sanctions, implementing and enforcing those sanctions; acts of war all, and protectionism to be sure, the strengthening of other economies have continued to expand. Add to this situation the massive monetary expansion in the U.S., with debt reaching unheard of limits, one must pause and consider all the options and intent of the most powerful players. Are they working independently or together in this effort to restructure all economic activity?

I think it assured at this point that the dollar is on its way out, and this will cause, whether in the very near term, or over the next few years, a dramatic change in the economic health of Americans, leading to more currency creation, higher interest rates, massive inflation causing a continuous rise in the prices of all goods and services, a dollar that will lose value at an alarming rate, and of course, this could lead to the inability of most to survive unscathed by this monetary carnage. In fact, it could cause extreme civil unrest, violence, and bring monumental chaos to the streets throughout the country. If (when) this happens, it will have been by design.

In addition, this transition will effect absolutely everyone, possibly with the exception of the very wealthy and super-rich, many of whom reside in the banking cartel system who are causing the economic pain. That leaves the peons on the chopping block of economic disaster, but then, what ruler or ruling class cares one iota about the cattle class of people? This fits in nicely with the depopulation and genocidal efforts being pursued with aggressive abandonment by the governing bodies around the world, all with little if any concern for any in the proletariat ranks.

What is the end goal of this plot against humanity? Why would U.S. ‘officials’ of the ruling cabal purposely seek to destroy the economy that made them wealthy beyond imagination? One has to think outside the box for a moment in order to understand the idea of intentional destruction in order to gain total control. We live in a world bent on globalization with technocratic rule by the few over the many. But the many, will likely be whittled down dramatically in order to become more manageable. This tactic also greatly benefits all those who will remain at the top of the power pyramid. Those positions are sought certainly by many in the U.S., but also include China, Russia, Israel, the U.K., much of Europe, and the rest of the BRIC’s nations as well. This seems to be a shift from West to East, but what if it is a coordinated effort by all the big players around the world to gain a seat at the table of ultimate power?

One major aspect of this plot, actually the main aspect, is the implementation of digital currencies managed from central banks and centralized economic centers, so as to obtain control over all assets. The digitization of all societies is key in any effort to not only gain total control, but to guarantee the sustaining of that system. Certainly mass surveillance is vitally important, but that is already well underway, as digitization of everything is sought by the most powerful. Once this system is more entrenched, the more difficult it will be to dismantle. Actually, once complete, and globally administered, it will be virtually impossible to erase.

If one listens carefully, it will become obvious that blame will rest on the many parts of this planned takeover of society, certain individuals or countries, and the big picture will be ignored. Currently, a few are concentrating on Saudi’s abandonment of the dollar, but do not be too quick to concentrate only on this single event, and look deeper into the abyss to find the truth. How many of these major players are working together? Will Saudi temporarily soften their position given lucrative incentives in the form of military protection, weapons, and other bribes meant to extend the status quo just long enough to build the world governing digital platforms? Yes, the dollar is pretty much finished, at least in time, but is the alternative sought the reasoning behind all the hyperbole?

The failure of the current governing systems in favor of a more widely concentrated and much more powerful system based on total compliance and control, are already baked into the cake. This should be brutally obvious at this stage of the game. It is now just a matter of putting all the pieces in place, so that a transition can occur with the least amount of pushback by the plebs. This requires a complete breakdown of the current system, which can be achieved through multiple ‘catastrophes’ happening all at once, driving the masses to beg for their own servitude in order to avoid starvation, lack of energy sources, communications breakdowns, threats of bioweapon releases, feigned medical ’emergencies, fake ‘viruses,’ economic devastation, manufactured weather anomalies, and every other type of false flag or generated crisis possible foisted on the people at once.

In the midst of all this chaotic hysteria lies the bogus and ludicrous presidential election insanity, taking place in just 5 months; an event that could shake this country into chaotic hell. Again ask yourselves; is this not meant to purposely tear apart this country in favor of bringing in the new global system of rule? End the Fed by Ron Pau... Paul Best Price: $9.51 Buy New $21.86 (as of 03:33 UTC - Details)

The incredible speed at which this country is sliding into complete dystopia is  mind-boggling. Many seem to think things have calmed somewhat, and that new rulers promising the world, will deliver on some of their ‘propaganda;’ a pipe dream out of fantasy land to be sure. The only way out of this mess the people have voluntarily allowed to happen, is to eliminate the main problem. That problem is government in any form, regardless of the stupefying rhetoric being spewed by any and all in the mainstream and most of the alternative media.

Great pain and suffering  are coming one way or another, but it would be best to eliminate the source and take the proverbial medicine now, instead of losing all hope for a better world at the hands of these wicked monsters who now control humanity through governmental systems that only exist to own and control all. Eliminate, exterminate, and abandon all forms of rule, or be prepared to die, leaving the very few left to serve their masters from their position as slaves to the State. This is what awaits those who accept rule, and shun freedom.

“Only a psychopath would ever think of doing these things, only a psychopath would dream of abusing other people in such a way, only a psychopath would treat people as less than human just for money. The shocking truth is, even though they now have most if not all of the money, they want still more, they want all of the money that you have left in your pockets, they want it all because they have no empathy with other people, with other creatures, they have no feeling for the world which they exploit, they have no love or sense of being or belonging for their souls are dead, dead to all things but greed and a desire to rule over others.”

Arun D. Ellis, Corpalism