Miasma of Mind Control: How the Propaganda System Works

I’m mulling over the latest distracting new piece of disinfotainment.

I’m not sure if it originated with NYT or CNN or CIA or WaPo or WSJ or BBC or NPR, with CDC or DoD or MSNBC or NSA or FDA or NIH or WEF or WHO or a big corporation or think tank.  Or some combination of those players.  Probably a combination.  They’re all on the same team.

Maybe this slanted piece of disinfotainment is getting bolstered by surreptitious funding from George Soros and his cut-out NGOs.  Or by Bill Gates and his front groups.  Billionaire Gates, who controls the WHO through his money as self-appointed Global Health Czar, heavily influences the news media which promotes his harmful genetic “vaccines” and his other insane schemes. Psychological Warfare:... Gardner, Andy Buy New $19.57 (as of 08:22 UTC - Details)

This major new piece of distracting disinfotainment is solid misinformation.  It’s fortified with pseudo-nutritional lies that support the Official Narrative.  On whatever…

The Covid scamdemic/plannedemic.

Or the “safe and effective” vaccines that keep killing and maiming millions with heart damage, blood clots, myocarditis, neurological disorders, paralysis, autoimmune disease, turbo cancers, infertility, sterility, and death.

Or the apocalyptic “killer virus” that never existed.  It was just another mild seasonal flu, if it existed at all.

Or that whopper, life-threatening man-made “global warming.”  Which morphed into the “climate change” hoax.

Or the 2020 US presidential election where vote-counting suddenly stopped in five or six key states so that rejiggering could take place, but you were assured nothing untoward happened—and if you think it did happen then you’re a right-wing dupe misled by bad people and conspiracy theories.

Or “Israel’s right to defend itself” as it carries out a televised genocide in full public view to complete its extermination/removal/dispossession of the Palestinian people begun in 1947-1949.  (Don’t worry, Alan Dershowitz says Israel is taking the utmost care to avoid civilian casualties—more than any other nation in history.  Yet by Ralph Nader’s estimate, over 200,000 Palestinians have been murdered already and the spreading famine claims more lives every day, with Gaza’s infrastructure almost totally destroyed by the Biden/Netanyahu assault.)

Or the thug Volodymyr Zelensky’s “valiant fight for freedom and democracy.”  (He was, until recently, a soft-porn stand-up comic who liked to expose himself, so go figure.)

Inflation is firmly under control, thanks to our great “president” Joseph Robinette Biden, a usurper/imposter like his CIA-groomed puppetmaster Barry Soetoro (aka Obama).  Today a fast-food meal—burger, fries, soda—costs nearly 20 bucks, going up to $26.99 real soon as America’s wars continue.

How to Spot a Liar: A ... Williams, James W Best Price: $21.12 Buy New $14.97 (as of 08:08 UTC - Details) Still, there is no massive anti-war movement to end BOTH the Biden/Netanyahu genocide of Gaza and the ridiculous US/NATO war against Russia via sacrificial proxy Ukraine.  People are too busy on their cell phones, I guess, or watching TV.  Getting good misinfo-disinfo-tainment to keep them in the matrix.  In the miasma of lies.  With CIA-vetted Hollywood movies and wokeist TV serials to further disconnect them from reality.  With snide late-night comedians, paid off by Big Pharma and the Powers That Be, to mock anyone with an independent mind.

But I still have dreams about a massive, monster Anti-War Demonstration…several million people shutting down Washington DC, bashing the lame corrupt Congress,  and exposing ALL the pre-approved Presidential candidates as the frauds they are.

Y’know, a genuine anti-war movement.  No keffiyehs required.  And no Covid masks.  Just millions of awakened people, of all ages and religions and colors and creeds.  Shouting “We’re mad as hell, and we’re not gonna take this anymore!”

That might shut down the War Machine, put the Permanent War Economy on hold, and force a rethinking of America’s priorities.