Can a Country as Far Gone as America Recover?

The Epoch Times has acquired official documents that reveal that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in 2021 had definite evidence that Covid-19 mRNA “vaccines” caused multiple deaths. Despite the conclusive evidence in CDC’s hands, the “health agency” continued to lie for the next two years that there were no adverse effects from the emergency use “vaccines” that were for tens of millions of Americans illegally and unconstitutionally mandated as a condition of employment. See here.

We were told by the CDC, FDA, NIH, the monster Tony Fauci, the White House Fool, the presstitutes, corrupt medical boards and university administrators, and our doctors that the “vaccine” was effective and safe. We were told this blatant lie, which every scrap of evidence refuted, over and over and over. And a trusting population trusted the “authorities” and paid for it in droves with their lives and their health. Many independent experts, scientists not dependent on federal or Big Pharma money, believe that the deaths and infertility from the “vaccines” are only beginning. Surprise, Kill, Vanish... Jacobsen, Annie Best Price: $12.00 Buy New $15.84 (as of 07:02 UTC - Details)

Additionally, a just published peer-reviewed scientific article has linked the Covid “vaccines” with psychosis. The prestigious Cleveland Clinic reports that the current Covid booster shots, still widely recommended by your local friendly Publix pharmacy and your indoctrinated doctor, provide practically no protection from SARS-CoV-2, but do significantly raise the likelihood that you will be infected with the disease.

The record is perfectly clear: The “vaccines” are entirely downside. Yet, Big Pharma made billions of dollars on the marketing of death and permanent health injuries. And “our” government issued Big Pharma immunity from all liability!

We are not over orchestrated health threats. Bill Gates has promised us a decade of them. Already two new ones are gearing up. Already we are hearing about the pending danger of H5N1, a highly pathogenic avian influenza. We are informed by CNN that cows have human flu receptors. From cows it will come to us. We haven’t yet been fed the narrative how a bird flue was adopted by our taxpayer money to infect cows in order to infect us.

We are also in line for another deadly threat. A report that failed to be suppressed arrived that the lab in Wuhan China, a lab funded by Tony Fauci at NIH for the development of the Covid virus, has now weaponized ebola.

There are reports that “vaccines” are already being made for these threats, and many other pending threats in advance of knowledge of their existence.

To be sure you understand, there are many avenues for fear to be used to panic the poorly educated, insouciant populations of the Western world to accept whatever “rescue” the powers-that-be have in place for them. Clearly, tyranny will be the result.

In the US, by suppressing the known cures–HCQ and Ivermectin–the untested deadly “vaccines” were released under emergency use. To be released under emergency use, the requirement is that there are no cures. This is the reason for the presstitute campaign demonizing HCQ and Ivermectin. The few doctors capable of thinking for themselves with their patients well being in mind, used the cures to save lives and most were punished for doing so.

This is America today: A country run by lies. Americans celebrate that they are run by lies with their mantra, “USA, USA, USA.”

If you tell the truth in America, you are classified as a “conspiracy theorist,” “a Russian agent,” “a Putin dupe,” “a white supremacist,” “a Jew-hater and Holocaust denier,” “an enemy of democracy,” “a domestic terrorist,” “a Hamas supporter.” The list of demonizations goes on and on.

Do you understand? The mind of the official world, the world represented in the official narratives upheld by the whore media and the growing coercive power of the government, is totally closed to truth. In America today you cannot tell the truth and have a career or an important position in American society.

On other fronts, I have emphasized for 8 years that Putin’s response to Washington’s overthrow of the Ukrainian government in 2014 was totally lacking in appropriateness. Consequently, Russia has found itself locked in a never-ending conflict that has permitted increasing Western participation in the conflict. Due to Putin’s unwillingness to use sufficient force to bring the conflict to a close, the conflict is spinning out of control and is leading to nuclear war. Already Putin has been forced into conducting exercises in the use against Europe of tactical nuclear weapons. The situation will worsen. There is no intelligence, neither in the West nor in Russia. Illusions and delusions reign in governments with world-ending nuclear armaments. War, Christianity, and... Laurence M. Vance Best Price: $8.95 Buy New $9.95 (as of 09:10 UTC - Details)

Long range missiles are being supplied to Ukraine that reach deep into Russia, as are F-15 nuclear capable aircraft. French Foreign Legion troops are now in the front lines confronting Russian soldiers. Yet Putin, instead of seeing the threat, continues to emphasize how open he is to negotiation with Washington.

In Palestine we see a true final solution in process. Palestine is being exterminated. The White House Fool sends meaningless and disregarded (and unmeant) warnings to Netanyahu while the US Government, a supporter of the genocide of the Palestinians, sends the weapons and money for the genocide. It is totally clear that without the Biden Regime’s support the genocide of Palestine could not be accomplished. As the Israel Lobby has purchased every US university administration, media outlet, and members of the US government, the students who protest the organized Israeli/Washington intended extinction of Palestinians are raided by police, arrested, punished, and thrown out of the universities.

This is America today. Its foreign policy is totally under the thumb of the Israel Lobby.

On the Trump front, we have learned that the Justice (sic) department prosecutor sent in the FBI to Trump’s residence with media props, marked “top secret” which they mixed into the files, took photos of, and showed to the whore American media as evidence that Trump had stolen national security documents.

In other words, the United States Department of Justice does not have the integrity of a Mafia Godfather. If we placed the old Mafia in charge of the Justice (sic) department, we would have MORE JUSTICE.

This is America today.
Go wave the flag. 
Chant “USA, USA, USA.”
Wave the flag some more.

We are losing our country. Is it possible for Americans to wake up?