Blinken Poking the Bear WWIII – Using Directed Energy Weapons

Given that the CIA is running Ukraine and Zelenskyy is simply a figurehead, Blinken is authorizing the CIA to strike inside Russia putting America in the war front and center.  A last ditch solution to Netanyahu’s criminal arrest dilemma.  War.   A last ditch effort to forego US elections.  War.   All while putting Taiwan on military alert. 

The Blinken logic is that if Ukraine uses – US weapons inside Russia – it could trigger WWIII.  Problem with this media illogic?  The Kyiv CIA has already been striking inside Russia in the Belgorod Region.  Every weapon left to the disposal of Ukraine is either US made, German made, or UK made. The Kabbalah is running out of time and solutions.  Kyiv has few troops left and morale is in hell.  But Netanyahu needs a diversion. It’s Good to Be ... Tennant, Dominic Bnonn Best Price: $7.72 Buy New $14.98 (as of 07:32 UTC - Details)

As Blinken testifies before the House committee, the topic opens with,  “I think the need for U.S. global leadership – and cooperation with allies and partners – has never been greater”.  Congress is in denial of world events.  No one in Congress objects to this dystopian intifada.  On the World Stage – No one wants America’s version of leadership.  Not even Europe.  Global Heads of State have watched as the Kabbalah has taken a nice filet mignon and turned it into blackened ash.   America is decaying – and their war is already lost.  Their only hold on The People was their anonymity.

Jacob Rothschild died.  Klaus Schwab has announced his retirement.  Soros has handed the reins to his youngest son Alex whose education is a BA in History.  And 145 countries voted FOR Palestine against Israel and the US.  The power struggle is now simply a Will Smith slap fest.  While the media continue their tribute to immature fantasyland drivel.   Ted Cruz, one of Kabbalahs top funding recipients, suddenly appears on CNN discussing election fraud.   And pundits grovel.  Nauseating!

The insanity of America’s politicians discussing initiating WWIII based on Ukraine is most certainly the last death wish of Gyorgy Schwartz – Soros.   Lloyd Austin has admitted that the US is not nearly ready for a confrontation with anyone given our depleted inventory of manpower and weapons.   Not to mention, the quality of manpower has been severely lowered via vaccine injuries and death and a lowering of intellectual and physical enlistment requirements.  Not to worry, the FBI is training migrants.   Not to work the vineyards as Pelosi claims – but to fight – internally & externally.  The same FBI that was given a thumbs up to take out Trump at Mar a Lago last year.

Inevitably, chaos has always been the mantra of Soros – which is also the reflection of the Biblical Satan.   Chaos vs Order.   Order is the equivalent of a country rooted in Biblical teachings.  Chaos is America.  If chaos wins – America goes to Hell.

Last week, Russia launched a low orbit satellite that was following the same orbit as its American counterpart.   Several months ago, the Pentagon was warning Russia against putting a weapon in space.  Maj General Pat Ryder declared that Russia’s satellite was capable of destroying other satellites and was thus a weapon of war.

In line with Ryder’s intellectual acumen, he stated:

“Certainly, we would say that we have a responsibility to be ready to protect and defend the space domain and ensure continuous and uninterrupted support to the joint and combined force. And we’ll continue to balance the need to protect our interests in space with our desire to preserve a stable and sustainable space environment.”

Translation – The US has launched space weapons and is angry that Russia would have the audacity to launch one as well albeit programmed to shadow – the Pentagons.   Such low orbit satellites can carry Directed Energy Weapons such as the one used in Maui.  Nukes can be taken out.  DEI’s are much more targeted and virtually immediate.

The US currently has over 11,500 satellites in orbit with different functions.  Of those, roughly 240 are military.  By comparison, China has 140 and Russia has 105 military satellites.  All, of course, are simply spying – not weaponized – if you believe the White House. While the US has declared the latest satellite launched by Russia to be weaponized, the statement is based on speculation and media fear mongering.   The fact that the Pentagon declared the Russia satellite a ‘deterrence’  indicates that the US is operating weapons in space despite claiming otherwise.

Currently under development in the US are the following space weapons according to The Pentagon:  Chemical Lasers, Particle Beams and space planes.   The Directed Energy weapons are considered the most valuable by the DoD which contracts with TRW Systems, Northrop, Pratt & Whitney, Boeing, GE, Raytheon, and Rocketdyne.  According to a very informed anonymous, former official who worked somewhere official, the chemical laser research was stopped in 2012…because they preferred a renewable, sustainable, equity weapon to replace those nasty pants chemicals.

However, the Army does issue a Weekly Report that discusses “Directed Energy Master Plan”.

Stretching to Stay You... Matthews, Jessica Best Price: $2.24 Buy New $9.99 (as of 08:08 UTC - Details) One such Report in 2023 discusses high energy lasers and high powered microwaves.

These weapons can be carried by a satellite.  The ultimate goal is to create hypersonic missiles. Which Russia, Iran and China have already developed.   The report is focused on a go-to date for War – 2030.  One such prototype is named THOR – and is considered of great value for the fact that any idiot can operate it – even an untrained immigrant…  These weapons can be mounted on trucks, ships, and planes.   But their quality diminishes with distance.  That is now the focus.

Up thru 2023, the DoD had not convinced Congress that the increased research and development of prototypes was worth the disadvantages – repair, cleanup, etc…   Which makes their test case, Maui, look as though it was actuated to show Congress how powerful such a weapon could be over conventional counterparts.  IF one of the DoD military contractors, like Raytheon, wanted a live demonstration it would explain why the entire Lahaina area was/is immediately cordoned off in order to assess the means for cleanup and to suppress any link to an American defense contractor.

The Feudal mentality is ultimately going to be tested in WWIII.  The ‘WHEN’ is questionable. 

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.