Ze Floor eez Good Eenuff

Give the lady credit, she took it like a man … who lost a boxing match to a tweenage girl. In 2008, when it was her ‘turn,’ the poor thing was Obama-literated. The path of Hillary’s rightful destiny was re-opened by the 22nd amendment in 2016. Now what? A guy who grabbed em’ by the …? Fifty-two years earlier she lost a race for class president at Maine South High School. Gunning for the highest office HRC had worse luck than Captain Binghamton did going after McHale. Why is it always she?

In the meantime, parents may want to reconsider inspiring junior with “someday you could be president of the United States,” anyway. American political hecklers keep running a harder room. It’s no wonder Huma’s boss wants Soviet-style media controlled from on high. Look at what happened to Bill. Once elected, Hillary’s beastlier half had to settle for groupies a lot less comely than Judith Campbell Exner or Mary Pinchot Meyer. Things haven’t improved much post presidency. What Billy Bob has been up to since requires strumpets with secure blindfolds and no ear for Arky twang. Old School Grit: Times... Donnelly, Darrin Best Price: $2.50 Buy New $12.60 (as of 04:03 UTC - Details)

“Martinis are like breasts, one is not enough, and three is too many,” may be sound drinking advice. First Lady 41 takes it another step. She said the same of evils in the 2000 election. Unlike genders, lesser ofs must be capped at two. The angry demand for Nader out of Gore’s way wasn’t delivered in a whisper. When Bush won, rumors mills had it the wish was amped up to the level of extermination. Political gangland, in other words, is strictly a two party turf war.

That opinion did not arise from her ladyship eight years earlier when hubby clinched it with 43% of the vote. His 5.8 million margin over W’s dad was nicely cushioned by Ross Perot. Nearly 20 million votes fell to the Reform Party in 1992.  Less than 3 million found Nader the least of their worries in 2000. ‘New sheriff in Dodge’ voters 32 years ago generally fell into a category Madame Secretary now finds ”deplorable.” Timing is everything.

The ex-Senator for Goldman Sachs is at it again in 2024. Reversing the career order of Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan and Volodymyr Zelensky, Hill’s gone from politics to show biz. In Manhattan while producing “Suffs,” a musical about the struggle to double the size of the US electorate, she appeared on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon. A drama queen who’d immortalize people that fought for more choosers will damn anybody in favor of more choices. She really means just one. If you don’t find Biden fit to rule over you then it’s time to “get over yourself” Fallon was told. The political menu, she feels, should be neither longer nor more palatable than the ones we got in the school cafeteria.

This is the same former candidate who insisted on staying in the 2008 race on the off chance the Democratic frontrunner could end toes up on a slab before November … like in 1968. The ex-Secretary was uncharacteristically too subtle. Assassins never emerged. The homicidal musings of Alinsky’s mentee did not go unnoticed by people claiming the Clinton clan has been whacking opposition since the 1990’s. With this kind of imagination abuzz, you might wonder if she has yet ruled herself out of 2024.

The also-ran of 2008 did explain her disdain for the uncommitted more fully. She said Uncle Joe is worthy because he cares about you. That’s a qualification millions of dogs around the country can match. The Biden family pooch is one notable exception. In any case, not everybody is comforted when the care is doled out by the FBI, ICE, the Disinformation Governance Board, the IRS, the Department of Education, Soros DA’s and various federal goon squads. Their concern in action usually means restricting activities once considered inviolable American rights.

When it comes to a regime looking out for you, inaction can speak louder than words. The Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC) arrived at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas 20 minutes after local police on May 22, 2022. They were the ones who finally shot mass murderer Salvador Ramos. Still, they waited almost an hour to go in after the shooter. Arriving at about noon, the team failed to enter classroom 111 until about 12:50. It was filled with children between ages 9 and 10, many of them already dead. One tactical team member was hit by fragments of Ramos fire during the breach. It’s a risk that comes with the job.

No one can complain about them eventually taking action. It’s their indefensible delay doing so that fails to meet even semi-heroic standards. Were they hoping Ramos would save them the trouble and risk by doing the job himself? Three of the team were awarded a citation for bravery. While there’s no doubt it takes guts to charge a maniacal shooter in any circumstances, the public resources that have been poured into federal “tactical” response over the last 25 years lead us to expect better, much better. Alejandro Mayorkas didn’t, medaling the men for valor. Looking out for number one, at federal first response headquarters, is the dividend taxpayers get when government invests in hyper-“care.” It isn’t always he who hesitates that’s necessarily lost, at Robb Elementary it was 4th graders. Ball Complete Book of ... Best Price: $5.01 Buy New $15.93 (as of 06:07 UTC - Details)

Shouldn’t we be asking how many in the lay public would have stormed the door with more haste? I’ll avoid the word valor. We’re at a point where applying it to those not paid by the state is dubbed militant extremism. The crack team Alejandro is proud of are the best examples yet of Biden-care. Guardians of the regime never wait when storming peaceful people’s doors in body armor while armed to the teeth.

Per Hillary, a “caring” state is all we need worry our pretty little heads about. This one cares so much it will disrupt and deprive your newsfeed. That beneficence gets augmented by bureaucrats blacking out everything pertinent in FOIA requests. Anyone even questioning Bidenesque priorities needs to watch his back. When inside the beltway suits care this much, voters asking anything can expect Oliver Twist’s “more gruel” treatment.

Bart Simpson became a slave in a French vineyard participating in the student exchange program. After toiling in the field all day he tries to bed down on a pile of straw. It turns out to be the mules resting place. The boy is told, “Ze floor eez good enuff for you” in classic Gallic style by the vintners. Was it Wellesley and Yale Law that instilled the same kind of contempt for American voters? With her Hillaryness waiting in the wings, there are bleaker prospects than Biden’s survival.