Take Back Canada

An anthem for a nation under siege

Take back Canada!
We don’t need Trudeau.
The Son of Castro* has got to go.
The Maple Leaf has come to grief.
It’s time to turn over a brand-new leaf.

No more scamdemics.  All praise to the truckers!
The Covid tyrants are motherf*ckers.
No more Zelensky sitting with Hunka.
Send those Nazis back to their bunker. Fossil Future: Why Glo... Epstein, Alex Best Price: $3.09 Buy New $9.90 (as of 05:43 UTC - Details)
Do not defile our Parliament’s halls.
Hang up the phone when Biden calls.
Not a nickel more for Ukraine.
The war to begin with was insane.
Now our eyes are open wide—
End the Israeli genocide.

No kowtowing to Trump or Biden.
Ye patriots, come out from hiding
and take back Canada—Let’s rise again,
fearless, proud women and men.
Canucks are we, strong and free
strong and free.

Take your euthanasia
and shove it up your ass.
The bureaucrats who push State murder
are the ones who should be gassed.
No more globalists ringing our bell.
Let’s tell Klaus Schwab to go to hell.
We’ve had enough of your climate-change scam.
Your pseudo-“Green” agenda be damned.
We don’t need pronouns.  We don’t need woke.
Your wokeism is one sick joke.
Your virus scams and your climate-change hoax
just aren’t scaring a lot of folks.

Canada will rise again,
independent, free-thinking women and men.
Let’s take back this land from coast to coast.
Freedom and truth we love the most. Shooter’s Bible ... Sadowski, Robert A. Best Price: $5.28 Buy New $14.90 (as of 07:23 UTC - Details)


* See:  Of Course Fidel Castro is Justin Trudeau’s Dad. Nobody Has ‘Debunked’ Anything.  Karen Leibowitcz  https://medium.com/@leibowitt/of-course-fidel-castro-is-justin-trudeaus-dad-nobody-has-debunked-anything-4db6fc8a9042

Breaking News:

Dr. Charles Hoffe Faces Upcoming TRIAL for Telling Truth About COVID “Vaccine” Damage. By Ethan Huff


“A prominent Canadian doctor who is bravely speaking out about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) ‘vaccine’ damage he is observing in many of his patients is facing trial this March over accusations of professional misconduct.  Dr. Charles Hoffe is the subject of persecution at the hands of the corrupt Canadian government, which disapproves of his efforts to tell the ugly truth about how COVID jabs are destroying lives.”

Dr. Hoffe’s trial was supposed to start on March 4, but as Hoffe explains in this video (https://www.bitchute.com/video/wirPDAJXxoX2), “The College [of Physicians] has asked for something called ‘judicial notice’, and if it is granted, they proclaim that certain things are irrefutable and therefore no evidence can be put forward against them…so that I cannot defend myself…I will not be able to testify nor would any of the eight expert witnesses.  That’s what they are trying to do to hide the truth….So now it’s adjourned…while my lawyer tries to respond to this absurd misuse of justice.”

“Canadian Doctor: 62% of Patients Vaccinated for COVID Have Permanent Heart Damage”.  By Brian Shilhavy


Dr. Charles Hoffe, M.D. found that 62% of patients who get the Covid mRNA vaccine develop micro-blood-clots—too small to detect on MRI or CT scan—permeating their capillary network.  This blockage of capillaries (pulmonary arterial hypertension) usually kills people within 3 years, and those who survive will suffer steady deterioration, especially if they take another Covid shot, according to Dr. Hoffe.  The only way you can find out if the Covid “vaccine” gave you micro-blood clots is to ask your doctor to give you a D-dimer test, like the one Dr. Hoffe performed on his patients.

This finding alone should lead to the immediate cancellation of all the COVID-19 genetic “vaccines”.  They are indeed “clot-shots” as the critics have warned repeatedly.  Most of Dr. Hoffe’s patients developed micro-clots within 7 days after the jab, but others may well experience micro-clotting later on as the genetic cocktail (“vaccine”) wreaks its harmful effects on the body.

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