Ukraine Spending "Creates Jobs"

From the Tom Woods Letter:

Last week on Twitter someone had the audacity to post the amount of U.S. aid that has been sent to Ukraine: $113,313,000,000.

A “Community Note” thought it was making a good point by replying: Our Enemy, the State Albert Jay Nock Best Price: $9.84 Buy New $9.95 (as of 03:20 UTC - Details)

“Most US aid to Ukraine is, in fact, benefiting America by providing jobs and bringing much-needed improvements to US military infrastructure.”

Dumb-guy Keynesianism, in other words.

These fake “jobs” are “provided” by looting some Americans and paying others to do things nobody on the market would freely pay them to do. That’s not how actual job creation works.

If all we cared about was “jobs,” we could tax some people to pay others to build houses and then destroy them, and then rebuild them again, in perpetuity. That’d sure create lots of “jobs”!

That’s not a net gain to society, to put it kindly.

American Secession: Th... F.H. Buckley Best Price: $15.64 Buy New $16.22 (as of 10:56 UTC - Details) If your analysis leads you to a conclusion like “it’s a good thing this hurricane happened, because it has stimulated the economy,” or “thank goodness for this war, because nothing stimulates an economy like war,” you’ve morphed into Bernie Sanders without realizing it.

And no, World War II did not cure the Great Depression, an idea it is embarrassing to hear from non-progressives. Even if you were inclined to believe it did, clear your mind and think for a minute: doesn’t the idea that destruction might actually be good for us sound like the kind of self-evidently nonsensical thing the establishment asks us to believe 24 hours a day? The fact that some right-wingers who should know better have fallen for it makes it no less ridiculous.

The only “jobs” our overlords create are for their friends, and unlike normal jobs, those “jobs” are financed out of your pay and leave you poorer.

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