Jordan Peterson Slams Pope Francis’ Fixation on ‘Climate Change’: ‘He Should Be Saving Souls’

Saving souls is ‘how you save the planet, not by worshipping Gaia,’ Jordan Peterson said, criticizing ‘contemptible’ efforts to make the Church ‘more relevant’ since the ‘60s and Vatican II.

TORONTO — Prominent Canadian anti-woke psychologist Jordan Peterson blasted Pope Francis for neglecting the salvation of souls and focusing on “climate change” and criticized attempts to make the Catholic Church “relevant” since the 1960s and the Second Vatican Council.

On February 11, Peterson joined Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) reporter Colm Flynn to discuss a sundry of topics, including his wife Tammy’s miraculous recovery from cancer, the widespread loss of faith in the Catholic Church since the 1960s, and Pope Francis’ fixation on “climate change.” Lincoln As He Really Was Charles T Pace, Thomas... Best Price: $23.39 Buy New $19.95 (as of 11:10 UTC - Details)

“That’s not working. It’s shallow,” he said, slamming the “guitar and hippies” that proliferated in the Church following the ’60s and Vatican II. 

Peterson explained that religion is “supposed to be an invitation to the great adventure of life.”  

“What’s the great adventure of life?” he questioned.  

“Pick up your cross and follow me,” Peterson responded, quoting Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew.  

“That’s a h-ll of an invitation,” he admitted, “but that’s the invitation, and the Church lost faith in that.”  

Peterson explained that efforts in the Catholic Church to make the Gospel message more “relevant” have clouded the Gospel’s true calling.   

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