What a Great Country We Have Made!

The US State Department continues to awe with its embrace of honesty, and the high value it places on the rule of law and transparency.  Why, just the other day, spokesman Matthew Miller stated:

The Kremlin has poisoned Navalny, imprisoned him unjustly, kept him in harsh conditions, and denied him medical care. It is the Russian Government that is responsible for Navalny’s death while in detention. And now, in any other society – in a free, democratic society – we would see openness and transparency as his family seeks more information about their beloved son, husband, and father. But of course, in Russia, openness and transparency remain in short supply.

What a great nation the United States must be!  How proud we are to stand for something!

The US Government is all about glasnost!  The CIA-infected and -diseased Wikipedia explains glasnost as not only openness and transparency of a government, but “freedom of information and the inadmissibility of hushing up problems.” Tyranny of Experts Easterly, William Best Price: $3.29 Buy New $12.57 (as of 04:32 UTC - Details)

My heart pounds with pride!

In this February 20th State Department press conference, we see how this works. It’s a joy to listen to, but in the interests of time, I’ll summarize.

Russia’s war in Ukraine was completely unprovoked and irrational!  The Executive demands the Legislative body send $60 more billion immediately, as all of the other money sent to Ukraine and US Contracts, and the civil service and oligarchs of Ukraine is gone.  More is needed now, and remember, “90% of all that aid is spent here in the US, advancing US technology development!”

Spokesman Mitchell and his bosses and peers believe that sanctions work, and when they don’t, we sanction faster and harder.

Mitchell, his bosses and his peers, tell us the US Government knows all – except for why Gonzalo Lira was left to die even though “The safety and security of United States’ citizens overseas is always our first priority, and we always look to protect the safety and security of every United States citizen whether they be in Russia or whether they be in any other country.” Except for in Ukraine and Gaza – there, we kill journalists, we kill American innocents, and we even kill our allies, like Ukrainian POWs before they can be returned to the Ukrainian front.

The US Government knows all – but it can’t explain why 30,000 dead, 100,000 injured, and 2 million displaced Gazans matter, and why they shouldn’t simply be made to die quickly, so that Israel may plow the land.  It knows “Putin killed Novalny” but it cannot publicly explain why we do whatever Tel Aviv demands, no matter what it costs us or how soulless it makes us.  Israel punitively assaults her neighbors, authorizes extrajudicial sniper shots at the heads of children, and assassinates anywhere in the world, but the USG cannot explain why its response is only to pat Netanyahu gently on the shoulder, speed shipments of more arms, and use its UNSC veto power and what little is left of its international influence to oppose any UN statement that Israel’s leadership finds uncomfortable.

Mitchell, his bosses and his peers, are very clear: “[W]e do not believe that genocide has occurred in Gaza.”  The US Government has access to dictionaries, history books, and legal tomes – but it refuses to admit the reality of a 2023-24 Gaza Genocide concocted and conducted by the US and Israel. Instead, Mitchell, his bosses and his peers all demand anyone – you, me, members of Congress, heads of state – who believe otherwise needs to shut up, face sanctions, or conduct some variety of Israel’s demand to “taking it back.””

Mitchell, his bosses and his peers are very concerned about transparency, honesty and openness.  He speaks for the US Government when he explains, “…we have seen Russia continue to crack down on a free press, continue to track down – crack down on transparency. It is quite clear that they do not want their people to have information about what the Russian regime does abroad, what the Russian regime does to its own people.”  Mitchell, master of understatement, tells us that the USG cares and even obsesses, about how citizens get and utilize information, here and around the world.  Why, just last week one of Mitchell’s former colleagues, Mike Benz, shared a great deal of disturbing information on this very topic!  This Tucker Carlson interview is a must watch for every proud American!

Mitchell, his bosses and his peers, also deny any concerns of ballot stuffing and election influence abroad, or at home!

When it comes to US persecution of journalists, to include attempted and actual murders, Mitchell did get a series of persistent questions on the case of Australian Julian Assange, who has been held at Belmarsh Prison in London for the past five years, poorly treated, tortured at times, often denied access to his lawyers, all at the demand of the US Government.  Mitchell, as do his interchangeable government counterparts, squirmed and lied.  Is Assange a journalist or not?  He refuses to answer that — watch here starting at minute 40 – but he does believe hacking is a crime, unless the USG does it.

The US foreign policy and domestic policy is identical.  In other words, leadership, populations and organizations inside the US are perceived, manipulated, and feared by our government in the same way it perceives, manipulates and fears leadership, populations, and organizations in other countries.  It aspires to hide its evil aspirations and its illegal workings, to help ensure the desires of its top bureaucrats and their sponsors are granted and gained.  Yet, it is an oversimplification to select a single Secretary of State, or a single CIA Director, or a single Secretary of Defense, or a single President, or any of the many domestic department heads, and say – this is the US Government. The Israel Lobby and U... Walt, Stephen M. Best Price: $6.20 Buy New $6.99 (as of 03:33 UTC - Details)

Fortunately, we don’t have to.  From Allen Dulles to William Burns, we have many examples of evil – who can forget Mike Pompeo’s desire to send an assassination team to the Equadorian Embassy in Britain and murder Julian Assange, before he was perp-walked to Belmarsh?  Who can forget Gina Haspel, torturer, overseer of torture, and torture cover-up queen bureau-rat? The murderous legacy of Allen Dulles and his operations to regime change countries around the world, including our own, is well understood and lives on.

Can we think of an honorable non-revolving door, peace-loving Secretary of Defense in our lifetimes? I’ll wait.  As for Secretaries of State – we have the infamous Pompeo and his murderous predecessors Albright and Clinton, to name a few. Or that mild mannered criminal serving all parties, George Tenet?  Millions of lives have been sacrificed by this peculiar species of death worshipper, evolved to the present day in the mild-mannered but no less murderous forms of Burns, Blinken and Austin.

Bidet has called Russian President Putin a dictator and a murderer – epithets he has also directed at Chairman Xi and China, our biggest trading partner.  He just added a new one.  Biden is avaricious and mendacious, a short-tempered elderly man who can’t reliably negotiate a short stairwell or remember what happened two days ago.  More alarming than the raw language, the empty-headed grifter also thinks climate change is more dangerous to humanity than nuclear war.  He is the perfect President for our time, the perfect icon of the present-day United States.

All of this makes a good American proud, doesn’t it?  We hear the not-so-faint ringing of the death knell for the country we were born in, the one we studied in school, or the one we adopted. It is no longer a matter of waking up.  It is a matter for a serious discussions, in every household and in every family, in every organization, and around the world, about what might come next and how we might survive it.