Super Bowl Churchianity

On Super Bowl Sunday, February 11, tens of thousands of “churches” all over America shortened services, canceled services altogether or turned their worship services into mock Super Bowl miniatures.

Walk into thousands of pastors’ offices or studies across our country, and you will witness a museum (or altar) dedicated to their favorite football team. Jerseys, sweatshirts, helmets, banners, flags, mascots big and small, pictures of coaches and players, logos on coffee mugs, pens, hats, scarves and anything and everything that has space for their team’s trademark. You’ll quickly ascertain that hundreds or even thousands of dollars have been spent by these “pastors” for all of the football paraphernalia that occupy space in their “studies.” One can only imagine what their homes look like.

I tell you the truth: We don’t have New Testament Christianity in America today; we have Super Bowl Churchianity.

The entire Western world is collapsing before our very eyes. Climate change superstition has taken Germany, once known as one of the greatest industrial, inventive, ingenious nations on earth, to the precipice of a return to the Middle Ages. The Unprotected Class:... Carl, Jeremy Best Price: $24.86 Buy New $20.36 (as of 03:52 UTC - Details)

Bloomberg recently foretold the end of Germany’s days as an industrial power in an article that begins with a depiction of the closing of a factory in Dusseldorf. Stone-faced workers preside with funereal solemnity over the final act – the fashioning of a steel pipe at a rolling mill – at the century-old plant. The “flickering of flares and torches” and “somber tones of a lone horn player” lend the scene a decidedly medieval atmosphere.

Intentional or not in their inclusion of such evocative detail, the Bloomberg writers offer potent imagery for Germany – not only because the country is regressing economically but because its elites are increasingly guided by an atavistic force: the abandonment of reason.

As hard economic realities lay bare the futility of its utopian energy plan and the consequences of numerous terrible decisions mount, Germany is experiencing what Swedish essayist Malcom Kyeyune calls “narrative collapse.” The peculiar offspring of this, Kyeyune argues, is a turn toward ritual, superstition, and taboo. It is a malaise afflicting the entire West, but Germany is suffering a particularly acute case.


I strongly urge you to read the entire article that I just quoted. It is a very intelligent, astute and accurate assessment of where the entire Western world is heading—with Germany leading the way.

NATO countries, with few exceptions, have seriously failing economies; unbridled immigration from third-world countries has created skyrocketing crime rates; an alarming number of their young people are incapacitated or dead due to the lethal injections of the Covid shots (another superstition); their stupid proxy war in Ukraine has almost depleted their own defensive capabilities and the spiritual and moral fabric of their societies is almost nonexistent.

The United States has a demented demoniac president and commander in chief sitting in the White House. Republicans (including Christians) treat Donald Trump—one of the most unprincipled, dishonest, morally reckless, characterless, narcissistic, arrogant men to ever walk on terrestrial turf—as a savior of humanity. And if that’s not bad enough, the two women closest in power to these two scoundrels, Kamala Harris and Nikki Haley, are no better—or even worse.

In other words, America has NO leadership. NONE! ZILCH! And for those who are too busy or too ignorant to notice, this is positively and without controversy a judgment of Almighty God on our once-great nation. (Isaiah 3:1–4)

(What happened to God blessing America because America blesses Israel?)

America is fighting two wars: one in Europe, and the other in the Middle East. It is culpable in the genocidal deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people—most of them women and children. And the insatiable warmongers in DC seem drunk with desire to start wars with Iran and China. Of course, the U.S. continues to illegally occupy Syria and Iraq. Do you really think God doesn’t see the bloodlust of Israel and America?

Our government in Washington, D.C., shows ZERO compassion for human life, ZERO honesty, ZERO integrity and ZERO humanity. Capitol Hill is awash with some of the most base, immoral, egotistical, self-worshiping, money-hungry, power-mad people who ever drew a breath.

Entire armies are pouring across our southern border. Big-city Democratic strongholds such as New York, Baltimore, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles are dying. Economically, socially, culturally, ethically and morally, they are DYING. Violent, murderous gangs from foreign countries, Mexican cartels, drug dealers, crackheads, human traffickers, murderers and rapists run rampant in these megacities. Downtown areas look like third-world countries—and that’s exactly what the elites want to happen nationwide. They want to turn America into a third-world country that they can totally control, while the citizens who will live in these hellholes will be forced to think of nothing except surviving day-to-day. But, of course, if the elites succeed with their plans of total domination over America, you won’t be allowed to own a gun to defend yourself with. You’ll be left to the mercy of thugs who have no mercy.

And as America foments war around the world, as it callously murders tens of thousands of innocent people, as it teeters on the brink of financial insolvency, as its cities are turned into war zones, as armies of our nation’s enemies swarm across our borders and as Americans continue to elect and re-elect the scum of the earth to the most powerful positions of government, “pastors” celebrate Super Bowl Churchianity.

Crossroads Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, performed their annual over the top Super Bowl-themed sermon, where the church staff and congregants participate in a service that’s loosely framed as a four quarter football game, but with preaching and inspirational messaging.

Though its home base of operations is in Cincinnati, Crossroads has a number of established smaller church plants throughout Ohio and Kentucky, totaling around 40,000 active members.

Each and every year Crossroads hosts their “Super Bowl of Preaching.” And though they say they are “not after shock value,” the marketing and presentations definitely say otherwise.

In 2014 Crossroads released a promo building anticipation for their Super Bowl of Preaching, featuring a Bible getting intimate in bed with a football. [Emphasis added]

Crossroads has tried to outdo itself since then it would seem.

In 2020, lead-female pastor Allie Patterson was seen punting a Bible decorated as a football across the stage into the crowd. [Emphasis added]

This year’s service featured a very elaborate entrance by the participating players in a wild stage entrance, featuring hype music, confetti, a band, and contestants running through a cheering crowd carrying “spicy casserole.”

And just like before, the pastors on stage kicked the Bible like a football, only this time it appeared to be a squib kick trying to recover an onside kick, resulting in the pastors diving for the Bible in a scrum. [Emphasis added]

Moreover, the ‘halftime show’ mid-sermon, featured music by Usher, ACDC, Toby Keith, and a pastor recreating Miley Cyrus’ viral ‘Wrecking Ball’ music video. [Emphasis added]


The Heritage of the South Early, Jubal A. Buy New $9.99 (as of 05:30 UTC - Details) Ladies and gentlemen, this is NOT Bible Christianity. Obviously, this pastor and church are totally ignorant (“willingly ignorant”) of these New Testament commands:

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. (Ephesians 5:11, 12)


Be not conformed to this world. (Romans 12:2)

During my Prophecy Message last Sunday, I quoted the notable Methodist Bible scholar Adam Clarke’s (1762 – 1832) commentary on I John 2:18: “Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.”

In his commentary, Clarke wrote,

Protestantism may have its antichrist as well as Popery. Every man who opposes the spirit of the Gospel, and every teacher and writer who endeavors to lower the Gospel standard to the spirit and taste of the world, is a genuine antichrist, no matter where or among whom he is found. [Emphasis added]

In trying to emulate a wicked, sinful world and in endeavoring “to lower the Gospel standard to the spirit and taste of the world,” evangelical pastors have forsaken the New Covenant Gospel and have exposed themselves to be exactly what Adam Clarke said they were: antichrists—antichrists who have traded New Testament Christianity for Super Bowl Churchianity.