It's Racist To Oppose Plagiarism

From the Tom Woods Letter:

You no doubt heard this week about the resignation of Claudine Gay as president of Harvard. 33 Questions About Ame... Thomas E. Woods Best Price: $2.91 Buy New $9.99 (as of 07:05 UTC - Details)

Not many people seemed to care all that much about her lackluster scholarly record (11 papers total, all about race and gender, and more than half of which involved flagrant acts of plagiarism) and her DEI reign of terror until her ill-starred congressional testimony late last year, even though it was just as important before that testimony as it was afterward.

All the same, it’s good that she was driven out. The DEI establishment needs a good stake through the heart like that.

The usual sources are crying “racism,” since they have a 10-word vocabulary, but if Gay were white she’d never have come near the presidency of Harvard in the first place — and every last person on this planet knows it.

An email to alumni from the Harvard Corporation this week about the situation included this passage:

While President Gay has acknowledged missteps and has taken responsibility for them, it is also true that she has shown remarkable resilience in the face of deeply personal and sustained attacks. While some of this has played out in the public domain, much of it has taken the form of repugnant and in some cases racist vitriol directed at her through disgraceful emails and phone calls. We condemn such attacks in the strongest possible terms.

So the important thing here, according to the Harvard Corporation, is to “condemn” unspecified “attacks” — which, if real, nobody in the world actually defends — and downplay Gay’s wrongdoing (mere “missteps”!). The Politically Incorr... Brion McClanahan Best Price: $2.06 Buy New $9.95 (as of 05:25 UTC - Details)

They’ve learned nothing and will change nothing, in case that wasn’t obvious already.

There’s no serious acknowledgment of fault at all. In a 672-word letter, the words “has acknowledged missteps and has taken responsibility for them” are the only ones that even slightly acknowledge what has been going on. Instead, the letter is a celebration of Gay, her brilliance, and her leadership skills.

Gay will now return to the faculty and, according to the Daily Mail, retain “a salary of around $900,000 a year from the university, despite being forced to resign amid a plagiarism scandal.”

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