The Coming ‘Grate Taking’?


Grate – Toreducetofragments,shreds,orpowderbyrubbingagainstanabrasivesurface.  — Free Dictionary

A former Wall Street hedge fund manager David Rogers Webb has self-produced a disturbing new video documentary and book titled “The Great Taking”.  The book tells a story of how assets were confiscated during the Great Depression and how it is likely to repeat itself when the threatened Great Reset is rolled out. Webb now lives in Sweden on a farm.

I question whether Webb has any real solutions to a prospective electronic confiscation of assets, except living in a country such as Sweden that has already eliminated cash and spearheads massive Muslim immigration.  Nonetheless, I will let Webb speak for himself from his book:

“The financial system must be restarted, so that we can provide credit to you again, create jobs and get the economy growing, whatever it takes!”

Diary of a Psychosis: ... Woods Jr, Thomas E Best Price: $28.82 Buy New $21.99 (as of 11:00 UTC - Details) ”This time, what it will take is all of your property, or what you thought was your property. Here is your Central Bank Digital Currency deposited on your smart phone, so that you can buy milk. Noblesse Oblige!”

“There are now no property rights to securities held in book-entry form in any jurisdiction, globally.”

“Essentially all securities “owned” by the public in custodial accounts, pension plans and investment funds are now encumbered as collateral underpinning the derivatives complex, which is so large an order of magnitude greater than the entire global economy-that there is not enough of anything in the world to back it.”

“I assure you that this is not conjecture. You would be greatly mistaken in dismissing this as “conspiracy theory”, which is a common reaction to so much unpleasantness. It is possible to really know about this. The documentation is absolutely irrefutable.”

“My Aunt Elizabeth had been ten years old when the banks were closed by executive order in 1933”

“People with money in banks that were not allowed to reopen lost all of it. Their debts were not canceled, however; these were taken over by the banks selected by the Federal Reserve System.”

“On March 15, 1933, the first day of trading after the extended closure, the New York Stock Exchange recorded the largest one-day price increase ever”

“The Emergency Banking Act of 1933, had been passed by Congress on March 9, 1933, three days after FDR declared the bank holiday”

“Was it successful? We are led to believe that the Bank Holiday was a brilliant scheme. Well, it was—for some.”

“Contrary to the image of success, which has been handed down to us, the Bank Holiday did not end the Great Depression.”

The most disturbing aspect of his book to me is when Webb speculates that after banks re-open from a banking holiday to “digitize our bank accounts” (which are already digitized) our money will again be available to us, but withdrawals would be in the form of an automated loan.

This is speculation but if you can’t pay the “loan” back, and if you own a house, your house might have liens placed on it and eventually be sold at the end of your life for unpaid debt. If you don’t own your house free and clear of debt and it is “taken” as collateral, you would have to double up living with relatives or friends somehow, or what?  The economic system would turn into serfdom under a one-government world.  So much of this is uncertain but we can look at the 1930’s Depression to learn from history, which is what David Rogers Webb does (e.g., Executive Order 6102 of 1933– Gold Confiscation). He doesn’t mention Bitcoin but what would prevent government from seizing their computers?

But you say you don’t have to worry about any of this money wise. Paraphrasing David Rogers’ Webb: “The rich, even billionaires, will not be immune from this; the bankers are just waiting to eat them for dessert”.

The Origins of the Fed... Rothbard, Murray N Buy New $5.95 (as of 08:11 UTC - Details) We can’t rely on any legislative action either to prevent the above scenario at the state or federal level or even from the election of a candidate of our choice who has no power over this as it is enshrined in the Uniform Commercial Code and Congress is entirely controlled by banks.

The downstream impacts of the above taking of assets would be that pension fund investments would be imperiled, as would Social Security and Medicare. Tax revenues for local government services would decrease resulting in cutbacks in police and fire fighting and emergency medical services and transportation.

Webb says we need to demand that private bank ownership of the Federal Reserve be ended and replaced with the US Treasury just as Lincoln issued “Green Back” dollars to fund the Civil War. Moreover, we should not tolerate any confiscation of securities. Nor should we accept any money laundering of our own money back to us as a loan that was originally backed by our hard labor and then reissued as “fiat” money backed by the “reserves” of the thin air of banks.  The Uniform Commercial Code and the Bankruptcy Act of 2005 require modification to stop this says Webb.  Eventually, we should junk the de facto Oligarchy form of government.

I suggest watching David Rogers’ Webb’s documentary or read his free download book to judge for yourself:

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