Musk Wins the Battle of Words Over Twitter

In any war words matter. In fact, words may matter more than bombs or guns on the battlefield.

How we define things shapes how we think of them. How we think about any war is key to understanding how it’s going to progress regardless of the reality.

Wars come in all shapes and sizes, from the kinetic to the psychological to the cultural. The battlefields are as small as a kitchen table and as sweeping as the entire human-settled world.

At this point we’re beyond eye-rolling and laughter at some of the ridiculous framing used by the enemies of humanity at this stage of the war against civilization itself.

From “mostly peaceful” protests that burn down half a city, to “insurrections” where people wander around a government building aimlessly after being let in by the cops, their hyperbole has truly jumped the shark.

My favorite of 2023 is still “died suddenly,” but only in a strictly professional sense, as a writer. Schick Hydro Sensitive... Buy New $38.99 (as of 04:47 UTC - Details)

This point bears repeating: words matter. Taking the high road by refusing to play the ‘Shape the Narrative’ game of these commies is a losing strategy.

The way they take words away from us leaves us defenseless. Many console themselves with feeling morally superior for not ‘sinking to their level.’ You see this from a lot of regime conservatives and I have to wonder if they haven’t always been just another psy-op.

There is no high ground during a tidal wave, folks.

Alinsky’s Rules focus on making the attack personal, invoking shame by attacking the person’s character, not their argument. He’s onto something, by the way.

That’s why an idea like “Davos” was so effective when I first invoked it back in 2017. It created an image, gave your imagination a touchstone, to distill their evil into a single word. It separated them from us, categorized them, divided them.

But, most importantly, it created a funnel through which we could pour observations to see what fit and what didn’t. They meeting in Davos, us toiling along trying to make sense of the inanities coming from our political leaders.

Today Davos is meeting in Dubai for COP28 to try one last time to arm-twist the emerging world into committing hara-kiri over CO2 emissions before they even enter the hated bourgeoisie.

By all accounts, it’s not going to work, but a lot of our money will still get spent.

Growing Fake Yurts

Climate Change is just middle class angst for Europeans and Americans being the beneficiaries of colonialist behavior by our ancestors and current crop of “leaders.” And fair cop, we should feel a little bad about it.

But that means changing the political and financial dynamic, not paying reparations and letting them knife your children in the street.

If you listen carefully to the leaders of the aggrieved victims of Western colonialism, all they want is to be left in peace, freer to pursue their bliss their way.

The ones guilting you and I into giving up what’s left of our first world lifestyle aren’t the Russians, Chinese or even the Africans, it’s our own leadership, our oligarch class.


And the reason why the remnant of the Western middle class is still so enamored of Climate Change is because misery does, in fact, love company.

We’ve thrown our middle class comforts away to save you, noble savages, so everyone must join us.

The casual racism of these people cannot be overstated. And the worst part is that the arguments which led to convincing everyone that man-made Climate Change was real turned all of its adherents, who likely had the best of intentions, into the very thing they say they are not.

Casual racists.

That’s the message at every one of these pathetic convocations of globalist vampires; sacrifice yourself to save the planet from your guilt and their ignorance so we can continue to rule over you.

Last year senior EU diplomat Josep Borell said the quiet parts out loud when he …

…pontificated that “Europe is a garden” but “most of the rest of the world is a jungle, and the jungle could invade the garden”.

The little garden, he educated them, cannot defend itself by building a wall. Why? “Because the jungle has a strong growth capacity, and the wall will never be high enough in order to protect the garden.”

So, what’s the solution? Then came the punch line: “The gardeners have to go to the jungle. Europeans have to be much more engaged with the rest of the world. Otherwise, the rest of the world will invade us, by different ways and means.”

He was addressing the next generation of Eurocrats, after they’d invited the jungle into Europe to address its demographic problems and destroy its culture. Now they needed to stop the invasion.

Europe has enough ditch diggers, toilet cleaners, house maids and whores, apparently

Gaining Functional Yards

But for those of us ‘ungovernables’ (screw “deplorables”) who still have the semblance of a shred of self-respect after the guilt imprinting of our youth, the point of no return has arrived.

If we don’t make a stand now, call their panty waste bullshit out for what it is, there is no safe garden from these ghouls anywhere in the world.

It starts by taking back the language. It means putting them on the defensive and forcing them to respond to our ideas, our memes, our descriptions.

To these so-called aristocrats “populism” is just a dog-whistle for “nationalism.” And nationalism is a four letter word beginning with “N” and ending in “I.”

At this point everyone to the “right” of Bono is one of these unmentionables.

Any hint of national or even ethnic pride is immediately turned into something shameful, where even the most outspoken have to bracket their barest expression of pride with double-speak.

The reason for this is simple: Theirs is a position arrived at through a purity spiral of flawed logic to which any acknowledgement of the contrary position blows the entire edifice apart like a Florida trailer park in a Cat 2 storm.

This is why the Censorship-Industrial Complex is going into overdrive now. It’s why Twitter/X is the subject of yet another advertising boycott over Elon Musk’s supposed antisemitism; yet another ‘ism’ that is both sadly real and more sadly weaponized by those who hold ideas too fragile to withstand scrutiny.

And there is no arguing with them… just ask them! Dollar Shave Club Butt... Buy New $13.94 ($1.16 / Ounce) (as of 04:47 UTC - Details)

This latest dustup is yet another example of induced neurosis in the cultural zeitgeist; weaponizing our basic need as social creatures to be accepted by those in our community.

But, most importantly, it’s why free speech isn’t free. None of your rights as individuals are free. They have to be actively defended with your time, money, and expertise.

There’s a reason the blog is called Gold, Goats ‘n GUNS after all.

These boycotts have been tried before against Musk and Twitter. Did we forget the big putsch to put Elon back in the globalist box after he walked in with the kitchen sink to Twitter HQ last year and fired all the Tumblrina von Safespaces brownshirting it up in Twitter CS?

I wonder if any of them took my advice and learned to code.

Like sanctions against Russia and the incessant cries of being an unapproved “-ist,” these boycotts have an ever-decreasing level of effectiveness. Call it Rhetorical Heroin if you like.

So, to combat these word-playing midwits put them on the defensive. When they invoke ‘body sovereignty’ make them earn it. Sovereignty is the issue. Your body, your thoughts, your speech, your rights.

The issue isn’t some hollow fake ‘ism’ like populism or nationalism, it’s sovereigntism, the right to self-determination both within and outside the collective. Be yourself but be responsible. Challenge ridiculous shibboleths of the modern world.

Because the truth is…

There are stupid questions.

All opinions aren’t valid.

We aren’t the world.

Man isn’t any more a virus than any other species.

Meat isn’t murder.

You have no duty to retreat from your home.

The law isn’t sacred, it’s just some shit some people made up.

Simply put, wrap yourself in the same flag they wear, just without the stains from the purple hair dye and the blood of innocent and/or unborn children. How can anyone argue with being a ‘sovereigntist?’

Giving Flying Yeets

There simply comes a point where you can’t guilt people any further, like when they realize the carbon Davos wants to reduce is them.

This is why Elon Musk telling all the boycotting companies to “Go. Fuck. Yourselves,” wasn’t just hilarious it was a clarion call to those whose voices have been marginalized by fake outrage engendered by fake people funding fake causes to promote fake wisdom maintaining very real power.

He finally just said what all of us have been thinking, “If someone is boing to blackmail me with advertising… blackmail me with money? Go fuck yourselves.”

You’re going to silence me with shame and derision because you formed an opinion on something last week? Go fuck yourself.

You’re going to threaten to burn the world to the ground if you don’t get your way? Go. Fuck. Yourself.

You’re going to embarrass the FOMC Chair with Climate Change Stunt Protestors at the IMF? Close the Fucking Door.

Musk finally put to bed a lot of lingering doubts about why he not only bought Twitter, but which side of the war he’s actually fighting for, that of humanity itself.

He may have some crackpot ideas of where humanity should go, but it’s obvious it’s not Elon’s bag to mandate those ideas; only allow them the opportunity to find their voice in the miasma of projectile emoting masquerading as public discourse.

He may become the enemy we fight tomorrow, but that’s tomorrow. Too many people are looking too far ahead or, worse, too far behind. That’s noise. Worse, it’s a kind of cope for avoiding the responsibility of doing anything substantive now.

It was a cry for help from him to the users of Twitter/X to find a business model that puts advertisers on their virtue signaling backfoot, where they fucking belong. Zerohedge has it mostly right, boycott the boycotters.

I don’t disagree with the sentiment and certainly cancel your Disney+ account if you feel the need to do something.

The problem with that, of course, as I’ve discussed before, is that most of the companies who are boycotting Twitter are companies targeted for destruction by Davos. Many of them have snakes in their gardens. They aren’t actually the order-makers, they too, like even evil people like Mitch McConnell and Ursula Von der Leyen are order-takers.

They are targets because they have been in the past pillars of our culture (Disney), economy (IBM), and access to the modern world (Apple). Why do you think they went after Patreon so early in the game? To slow down the growth of alternative funding for the opposition. Do you really think Patreon, for example, has the resources to fight George Soros?

If you do? Go. Fuck. Yourself.

Do you think Davos isn’t cheering every time Disney releases another The Marvels to bomb at the box office?

Did Anheuser-Busch repent after Dylan Mulvaney?

Did Fox News take Tucker Carlson back?

Did Coke really stop its anti-white internal policies?

Get the hint, this isn’t about Disney or Apple, Bud Light or the NFL… these are the hallmarks of your middle class lifestyle they want destroyed. So, while boycotting them is perfectly fine, they aren’t the real enemy…

… you are, unless you stop defining yourself by what you’re against.

You have to finally stand up and say you stand for something and are willing to do something other than make another Pepe meme or retweet another brilliant Babylon Bee headline.

And nebulous concepts like ‘freedom’ and even ‘sovereignty’ aren’t a good start, especially in the war of words with NPC’s. It has to be tangible. Diddling, stabbing, or clothes-hangering kids.

Advertiser boycotts are a form of regulatory capture, influence peddling. If you want a platform to speak your mind without offending the influence peddling pedos behind the curtain, then complaining about it isn’t a solution.

If you want a global platform to speak your mind you will have to pay for it directly. You have to defend it. And defense costs money and time.

Twitter is becoming a wasteland of repeated feeds and low engagement because Musk doesn’t have the money to churn new information through the Amazon Web Servers. This is what he means by these fuckheads “will kill the company.” Twitter/X is a database nightmare of epic proportions. It’s a miracle it even works at all.

What’s needed now is capital and not capital encumbered by the demands of a bunch of corporatist order-taking assholes. That money needs to come from us. Our voices, our money. Because its our gold one the line. Our goats they are getting. And our guns they want.

Go. Fuck. Yourselves.

My good friend Vince Lanci had a brilliant idea the other day on, of all places, Twitter/X:

Leaving the protection of your rights in the hands of advertisers speaking on your behalf is your problem, not Musk’s or Twitter’s.

Advertisers holding companies hostage has been a hallmark of media going back to the birth of media itself. They have used it to shape your thoughts, influence your language, program your children, and poison the garden of your mind.

They turned the internet into 1970’s television. When something is free, you are the product.

So, the question now is what are you willing to do to defend your speech from the gardeners who want to prune you out of the conversation?

Because if your answer is more of the same whining about how the internet should be free, then I agree with Elon. Go. Fuck. Yourself.

Reprinted with permission from Gold Goats ‘n Guns.