'The Worst Days in Gaza'

“The Worst Days in Gaza” — these are the words of an extraordinary testimony by Lara Elborno, Palestinian journalist, talking directly from Gaza – with video illustrations – showing in a 4-minute video clip a reality that most of the west ignores, or wants to ignore.

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“Everyday has been the worst day; Israel outdoes itself in brutality and destruction every day; so, every day is the worst day. The day Yoav Gallant (Israel’s Minister of Defense, alias War) announced that Palestinians would be denied food, water, and aid, was the worst day.”

“The day that Israeli Officials announced that they were rolling out the Gaza Nakba, was the worst day. (Nakba, means “catastrophe” in Arabic, and refers to the mass displacement and dispossession of Palestinians during the 1948 Arab / Palestine – Israeli war. A new Nakba is occurring now in Gaza).”

“The day that they sieged and surrounded the Al-Shifa Hospital, bombed the maternity ward, bombed the outside clinic, was the worst day.”

“The day that Israel dropped six 1-ton bombs on the Jabalia refugee camp, was the worst day.”

There is an endless chain of “Worst Days of Gaza”

illustrated by pictures and video clips – worse than what the world has witnessed in at least the last seven decades, maybe in the last 300 years.

See this full 4-minute heart-breaking video clip:

Those with a dystopian and criminal mind like the leaderships of the United States and the European Union go even farther – they encourage Israel to continue the slaughter.

The US with a lone vote blocked a Ceasefire Resolution proposed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at the UN Security Council (UNSC) last week.

On 12 December, the UN General Assembly (UNGA) voted overwhelmingly for a Ceasefire, with 153 YES-votes, ten votes against, and 23 abstentions. Many EU countries voted against the mandate of the European Commission, FOR a ceasefire, including France.

Then there are those whose conscience rejects the abject injustice in principle, and who would say yes to a Ceasefire – to a halt to the genocide, but their “political correctness”, their cowardice vis-à-vis the powers that be, prevented them from a Yes-vote for a Ceasefire. Instead, they abstained.

Among the abstaining cowards are Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK, Hungary, Bulgaria – and even Argentina and Uruguay – and many (15) more.

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See this.

At the UNGA, unlike at the UNSC, none of the 193 member states has a veto. Their votes are not binding, they carry no international legal power. However, they are a strong indication for where the world stands with their opinion about political conflicts.

What will happen next is an open question. As long as the West, notably the US and her EU lapdog, keep sending money and weapons to Israel, hence encouraging the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) to keep bombing and killing, the massacre is likely to continue.

The IDF are targeting especially women and children — the children are the next generation Palestinians, and the women are the reproductive force for Palestine.

The intention of the Zionists could not be any clearer – erase Palestine and Palestinians not only from the maps, but from the globe.

As long as the West, led by the United States, continues with this murderous drive with impunity, so long the Worst Days in Gaza keep coming.

People of the world, continue taking to the streets – as you do already in New York, Washington, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Vienna, Rome, and many more cities around the globe. And invent other means of depriving your Governments of Deception from the capacity to continue governing and reigning over and against the solidarity power of We, the People.

The original source of this article is Global Research.