Suez Canal & Red Sea Shipping Route Shut Down

Deutsche Welle:  “After a rise in attacks by the Iran-backed Houthis, the world’s largest shipping firms are staying away from the Red Sea and Suez Canal. Could the world see a repeat of the post-COVID supply chain crisis?”

DoD Lloyd Austin has declared that a new Navy shield of destroyers are heading to the Red Sea to take out Yemen’s Houthi’s while prodding a war with Iran.  The only Middle East country to join in this junta with EU countries, US, and Canada is – Bahrain.  A number of western backed shipping companies are shutting down their routes through the Suez Canal and the Red Sea over fears of being attacked…  Yet, this was all pre-calculated before Netanyahu bombed Gaza:

As I have written, the Gaza attack was not arbitrary, it is a goal oriented means of clearing the way for the extension of the Ben Gurion Canal.  In direct competition with the Suez Canal owned by Egypt, the “Houthi attacks” are the propaganda means of giving rise to the upcoming alternative shipping route.

12% of global shipping passes through the Suez Canal as their conduit from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean.  Establishing issues with the Suez Canal is the prompt for Israel’s Ben Gurion.   Just another media propaganda simulation.  Many of the companies boycotting the Suez had diverted their largest container ships there verses the Panama Canal due to low levels of water depth. Sports Research Triple... Buy New $26.95 ($0.30 / Count) (as of 10:44 UTC - Details)

Yemen’s Houthis delivered a statement that they target only ships traveling to or from Israeli ports.  So far, according to Reuters, the two ships that have been hit are Al Jasrah and MV Swan Atlantic.  Al Jasrah is sailing under the flag of Liberia, and had reportedly two containers set ablaze.  But the website for Al Jasrah makes no mention of any attack – and services Iran as well as other countries.  Al Jasrah is currently en route to Singapore with an arrival date of December 26th.

The other supposed attack declared by the media was on the ship, MV Swan Atlantic registered to the Cayman islands en route to Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa & owned by France.  It’s tracking website makes no mention of any attack … or delays.

The main source of information regarding the cargo ships ‘attacked’ comes from British and US Navies.   Given their proclivity in making false statements, it is unclear how much is disinformation.   But the mainstream takeaway is that these delays, insurance increases and additional costs will harm inflation controls.   And Iran will be held to blame.

According to Houthi spokesmen, the primary target of Israeli ships are those owned by Eyal Ofer, a billionaire shipping magnate who currently lives in Monaco.   As Chairman of Zodiac Group, Ofer owns and operates over 180 vessels.  With homes in Israel, Monaco, Manhattan, and London, Ofer is a prominent World Economic Forum attendee despite his vast interests and ownership in oil and gas drilling operations.

Egypt is continuing their failed talks with Ethiopia over the rights to the Nile River and The Grand Renaissance Ethiopia Dam.   Ethiopia is the source of the water for the Ben Gurion Canal and stands to make a vault of money over the deal – assuming contracts are respected…   Not a strong point for Israel or the US.

The Canal path is slated to go through northern Gaza.  The unrelenting bombing by Israel in Gaza is likely being used as a pretext to leveling the infrastructure before digging out the canal structure itself – either with Ethiopian laborers, or bombs and assisted by US money/aid.   Once completed, the shoreline will develop into wealthy coastal cities that could either add to – or detract from Saudi Arabia’s NOEM city.   Given Netanyahu’s notorious pathological lying, it is doubtful he has any desire to assist the Saudi wealth globalists. Nature’s Bounty ... Buy New $9.00 ($0.08 / Count) (as of 12:32 UTC - Details)

It would behoove the Middle East to be a bit more discriminating in their ties with Israel at this point – However, to their advantage, like the US in Ukraine, Israel is quickly depleting their arsenal of weapons leaving it open to a Saudi Arabia, Qatari, punishment.

As a result the following container ships have begun rerouting their ships to the Cape of Good Hope – aka, South Africa causing ‘significant delays’ which will result in shortages.   In addition, Union Pacific railway has declared that the closing of two cross-border points along the US Border will create shortages critical to the US economy.   A Double HIT!

During the container shipping crisis via the Pandemic, shipping costs rose by as much as 700%.   Reflected in the price of goods at stores, and oil and gas at the pump.   Those increases were blamed on the movement of ships in the Suez Canal which was exacerbated by the EverGiven running aground and blocking traffic in the Canal for a week.   The EverGiven is owned by Taiwanese shipper Evergreen which has declared its vessels enroute thru the Red Sea are all on standby until further notice.

The fact that ALL the shipping companies boycotting the Red Sea/Suez route are owned by western allies is hardly coincidental:  French – CMA CGM, Belgium – Euronav, Tai – Evergreen, Norway – Frontline, German – Hapag Lloyd, Denmark – Maersk, South Korean – HMM, and Japan’s – Ocean Network Express.

Zodiac Maritime and Eastern Pacific Shipping have been advised to avoid the Red Sea by insurance companies, however, despite being the two specifically targeted by the Houthis – these Ofer owned companies are continuing as usual…claiming the risks are nominal.  Could they be establishing a monopoly on transit?   Avoiding the lengthy Cape Horn alternate route?

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.