The Legalized Lynching of Trumpenstein

Symbolically prosecuting dissent

Readers of my work know how I feel about Donald Trump. I’m part of the smallest minority group in the world- what my friend John Barbour termed the Trump Agnostics. I just can’t get worked up enough over his larger than life personality to either love him or hate him. Obviously, more than 300 million Americans disagree.

Trump’s 2016 campaign rhetoric was like none we’d heard before in modern American history. He mentioned things that no other candidate ever had, and he did so in a very loud way. Bigly. I voted for him because of immigration. I realized he was not going to do everything he promised, but if he did anything at all to slow down the open borders madness, and deported any appreciable number of illegal immigrants, then that would be a huge win for the American people. It didn’t take long for many of us to realize that Trump wasn’t going to do anything at all to address our disastrous immigration policies. In fact, he wound up deporting fewer illegals that Barack Obama.

Eventually, I postulated that Trump was an actor, hired to play a role. Given populist talking points, that were bound to resonate with millions of Americans tired of the same stale speeches defending a totally corrupt system. I dubbed it the Trumpenstein Project. I don’t think any high profile figures have used my term, although both Matt Gaetz and Steve Bannon have started referring to the Republicans as the Washington Generals. With all due modesty, I think I came up with that one first. Maybe someone on their staffs listen to me on Jeff Rense, or even on my weekly “I Protest” podcast. Or perhaps they just came up with it on their own, independently of me, and my ego is just out of control. But if some of them start using Trumpenstein….

What I want to address specifically here are what looks like a never-ending series of prosecutions of the former president. Any prosecution of a former president is unprecedented. But these prosecutions are particularly ridiculous, and make a mockery of what remains of a “justice” system that is, like the rest of America 2.0, running on fumes. Now, I would have liked to see almost every former president put on trial for the various crimes they committed in office. And they all committed crimes. But Trumpenstein was notable mainly for his lack of wrongdoing in office. This is because he didn’t do anything, good or bad, as president. He just tweeted. Nonstop. I’m actually surprised he isn’t being prosecuted for excessive tweeting.

Actually, charges of excessive tweeting, or misuse of a social media platform, or promoting “disinformation” or “misinformation” online, wouldn’t be any more outrageous than the “crimes” he is being charged with. The first case was from a woman who claimed Trump had raped her some thirty years earlier. She couldn’t remember the year it took place. And many years later, she openly joked on social media about sex with Trump. Now, I’ve never been raped, but that seems like odd behavior. As I noted at the time, Florida Governor DeSantis publicly said he would ignore any extradition order, so Trump could have finally taken a stand against the Deep State. But no, he trudged faithfully off to New York, into a kangaroo court.

Trump is being prosecuted in Georgia for disputing the results of the 2020 election. For those of you keeping score at home, this is the same state where Stacey Abrams disputed the results of the governor’s race. Openly and repeatedly. If I were Trump’s attorney, I would begin my defense by playing video of Abrams engaging in “election denial” for the jury. Now this will never happen, because Trump only hires the worst lawyers. It’s a Trumpenstein thing, you wouldn’t understand. Look at them now, turning against him one by one. Sidney “Release the Kracken” Powell, Jenna Ellis. Oh, the irony of the world’s most disloyal billionaire being thrown under the bus himself.

Understand the significance here. Our rotten injustice system is literally outlawing the questioning of elections. It’s bad enough that the state controlled media calls you an “election denier,” but now any of the saps who voted for Trumpenstein may become subject to prosecution themselves. I guess the literal charge against him is “election denial.” Not sure what that falls under in the criminal code, but it certainly hasn’t been adjudicated before. And it will set yet another ugly precedent. Trump will undoubtedly lose, because he loses all the time. He’s the captain of the Washington Generals. We will have so much losing that we may get tired of losing.

Perhaps the most absurd of all the Trump prosecutions, however, is the latest one going on in New York. Trump is being charged there with “fraud” for allegedly exaggerating the worth of his property. The judge there, as in all the Trumpenstein trials, is a hopelessly biased Never Trumper. Could we have it any other way? Without that, Trump couldn’t publicly criticize the judge and the Tik Tok-style prosecutors for their embarrassing unprofessionalism and prejudice. It’s all part of the show. Maybe Stormy Daniels can be brought in to whip Trumpenstein in the courtroom. Or they could wheel in him completely restrained, like Hannibal Lecter.

Having been a licensed Realtor since 1985, I find this one to be incomprehensible. People have been overvaluing their property for a very long time. There is no finite measure for property value. Sure, there is an appraisal, but it’s worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. As I understand, the judge in this case used tax assessments to prove the property was worth less than what Trump claimed it was. As every homeowner knows, the tax assessed value is significantly less than the market value. In a pre-trial ruling, Judge Arthur Engoron found Trump guilty of providing “false and misleading financial statements.” If that’s now a crime, then our already overcrowded prisons are going to burst at the seams.

I’m no lawyer, and I’ve never even been a juror. I doubt any prosecutor would want someone like me, what with my affinity for forgotten notions like reasonable doubt and innocent until proven guilty, to be seated on any jury. But nevertheless it seems strange that a judge could declare a defendant guilty before the trial began. But it’s all the rage now. Every one of Alex Jones’s many judges did that. They don’t even pretend to be fair and impartial. They are, in effect, an arm of the prosecution in these now shockingly common politicized trials. Even if Trump wasn’t Trumpenstein, and an essential part of the production, he wouldn’t have a chance. We are nearly at the Alice in Wonderland stage, where it’s “Sentence first- verdict afterwards.”

Jack Smith stands out as perhaps the most egregiously deranged of all those cast in this tragicomedy. I’m not even sure what Trump is being prosecuted for in Smith’s case, but it revolved around his allegedly hoarding classified documents. Smith obtained a “search warrant” for Trump’s tweets. I feel sorry for whoever he assigned the task of reading through all that grade school level food fighting. Before he became a “special counsel,” Smith was a Department of Justice prosecutor who’d been chastised by the Supreme Court in 2016 for his “limitless interpretation of criminality.” Smith has been so reckless in persecuting Trump that even the ACLU was appalled. The ACLU now concentrates on “racism” and “climate change,” rather than the “civil liberties” which is in their name. So you know how bad Smith must be.

Smith wants to reinstate a preposterous gag order on Trump, to essentially silence him until after the 2024 election. He was especially incensed about Trump’s comments regarding his former chief of staff Mark Meadows, who like Trump’s former attorneys is accepting a plea deal to testify against his ex-boss. Information is now coming out that Meadows was an FBI plant inside the White House, always working against the interests of the Giant Orange Man who made him one of his countless horrendous appointees. Smith also wants to stop him from criticizing former Vice President Mike Pence, for instance, who may prove to have been another FBI undercover asset in Trump’s White House for all we know.

Among the names Trumpenstein has called Smith are “deranged thug” and “raging lunatic.” Smith’s wife is the producer of a recent puff piece documentary on Michelle Obama. Trump was charged with an astounding 37 counts, including violating the Espionage Act and obstructing justice, in his handling of classified documents. The fact that he appears to have done nothing different in that regard than Joe Biden has been revealed to have done, is irrelevant to the millions who hate Trumpenstein with an irrational fervor, or those who serve this monstrous injustice system. And the man overseeing this prosecution doesn’t try to hide his loyalty to the Democratic Party. He regularly chastises Republicans in laughably immature tweets.

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