Germany Anticipates Expanding EU w/Russia Land

Sparking multiple caustic responses, Germany’s Foreign Minister speculates about ‘taking Russian land and making it part of the EU’. This on the heels of The Economist decrying the need to expand Europe exponentially.   While the comment was met with not a small degree of vitriol from Russia, it was likely made for exactly that reason – to taunt Russia.   To attempt to arouse greater destruction of Ukraine in order to achieve what the West really wants:   genocide of Ukraine for American colonization – as evidenced by the fact that Ukraine’s flag is flown alongside the American Flag.

The same American flag that has been conspicuously absent from the GOP debates.   Giving rise to the query – who are these debaters representing? Because, it certainly is NOT Americans.   The riff is purposeful.

Politician after politician defends Ukraine as though the country represents the last man standing.   “If Ukraine goes – so doth the world”, is the mantra.   But when asked why – there is deafening silence. Some politicians even go so far as to announce that if Russia wins the Ukraine war, Taiwan will be next, and then all of the eastern bloc!

Ukraine just celebrated the day the Bolshevik Nazi’s in Ukraine slaughtered the jews.   Failing to mention that over 35,000 Soviets (according to the CIA) were also slaughtered and buried simultaneously.   Bandera was born in Austria-Hungary, collaborated with the Nazi’s, and was held responsible for the slaughter in Ukraine jews and Communists from the USSR.   He took refuge in Germany where he was ultimately assassinated.

This Is Ukraine’s HERO.

Celebrated by American politicians and European politicians who no longer represent any of their citizens and now sit completely enraptured in their Self-Conceived Power.   Pathological Liar:   a form of borderline personality disorder wherein the person sees no difference between truth and lying.   The inability to not tell lies on a daily basis.   Complete disregard for other people. Noncurable.

The US has between 750 & 1000 military bases spread across 80 different countries across the globe.   This appears to be an ‘estimate’ because oddly – no one really knows how many.   Despite this, our soldiers on US bases are living in squalor – toxic waste dumps not suitable for rats.   Ignored.

The CATO Institute credits Joe Biden with seeing this global base military power vacuum as cause for the shut down of a military presence in Afghanistan.   They hail the commander and chief as a miracle of successes because we left Afghanistan, we indiscriminately allowed the murder of 13 US soldiers, and handed over nearly $20 billion in equipment.   CATO sees that as a success story. Only 749 bases to go…

TRUTH BOMB: By contrast; Russia has less than 10 military bases established across the globe – yet Russia is The Aggressor.   China has ‘one’ military base outside of China in Djibouti. But China is an existential threat and might, maybe someday, build another base – somewhere… that will be viewed as a threat.

The parlay of disinformation is rife.   And X’s truthersquad just called out Anthony Blinken for his disinformation campaign on the jewish holocaust in Ukraine.   The US Secretary of State is lying to the American People. Pathologically.

Amidst this vein of corruption plaguing Ukraine for over a decade as reported by both Amnesty International and the UN, US and EU politicians presume to have never heard of such information. Gosh Darn.   Nor do they intend to hear this now; a monkey covering his eyes and ears – unfortunately not his mouth.

In the midst of US corruption unveiled within President Biden and President Obama, the US has chosen to give Ukraine a Corruption Ultimatum: go 45 days without a scandal or ‘else’ – without identifying ‘else’.   In military/government lingo, this means ‘corruption is still ok – just don’t be stupid enough to get caught’.

Brawls are a common occurrence in Ukraine’s Parliament. Videos dating from 1997 thru the present provide a clear picture of how the government works out its issues:

This is NOT disinformation – this is video acknowledgement of reality.  By contrast, the US version of corruption has taken to simply throwing every conservative MAGAT in jail without justice, or cause.   One and the same – different methodologies.

Hungary is demanding Ukraine account for every penny it has received from the EU.   But they can’t.   Soldiers don’t have uniforms.   Soldiers are given weapons that jam, weapons they don’t know how to use, ammo that is pilfered, and rations that are starving them.   Yet Kyiv is abundant in money.   Money that is flaunted by its residents. The EU response?  Kyiv must send their youngest to the warzone.   Too many pregnant women and old men dying.   Time for the young people to die…

“Former UK defense secretary Ben Wallace has claimed that Kiev is succeeding in its counteroffensive, but to “finish the job” President Vladimir Zelensky must throw more and younger Ukrainians into battle…”

WHY? Because, Ukrainian genocide fills a purpose.   Once the vast majority of Ukrainians are dead or in refugee camps across other EU states, Ukraine is set to be bulldozed by the Elite. Bids are already being taken.   A fund is already viable.   Architectural plans are being drafted.   And the riff-raff, Ukrainians, are being expunged. The plan is to remake this Trafficking Hub of Europe into a global sanctuary for every criminal activity, including pedophilia, aka Jeffrey Epstein style.

In order to comply with western money, Zelenskyy is charged with fulfilling this genocide agenda. And he is more than willing to meet the demands. But only if he is given a cut. Selling peoples lives for money, so that drugs – child sex trafficking – slave trafficking – organ trafficking – can THRIVE!

What the Western Deep State did not anticipate in its flagrant taunting of Russia to invade Ukraine, was the fact that Russia’s military and weapons industry had been resolutely upgraded and expanded – the Tortoise, while the West has now severely depleted its stock – the Hare. A Fatal Flaw.

Flaws reveal cracks.   Cracks reveal weakness.   Weakness leads to chaos and self annihilation.   We The People – remain resolute despite every weapon unleashed.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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