More Covid Vaccination Means More Death and Injury

The continuing suppression by presstitutes and the medical establishment of the truth revealed by numerous leading medical scientists about the ineffectiveness and danger of Covid vaccines, masks, and lockdowns has resulted in a continuation and renewal of the risky practices.  There are reports that 100 US universities, including Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Rutgers, are requiring dangerous Covid mRNA vaccination for returning students.  Some still require masking.

Yahoo news reports:  Harvard requires all students who will be on campus to have primary vaccination for COVID-19,” reads Harvard’s website. “As we work to continue the high levels of vaccination needed to protect our community, Harvard highly recommends being up-to-date per the CDC definition for all Harvard community members.”

This despite top medical scientists at Harvard concluding that the “vaccine” is risky to health and life and does not protect or prevent transmission.  Moreover, the new variant we are promised is said to be mild and not dangerous, which means the booster is a high risk without benefit.

Additionally, new risky “vaccines” are being approved by the FDA, essentially a Big Pharma operation as the revolving doors between the pharmaceutical industry and its “regulator” indicate.  One of the latest is a “vaccine” for pregnant women despite safety concerns from the FDA’s advisers. During clinical trials, there was a 20% higher rate of premature birth among vaccinated mothers and 12 infant deaths. Medical experts said the “vaccine” is unnecessary and has no benefits worth the risks.  Nevertheless, the FDA is expected to approve it.

The director of the CDC, also like the FDA and NIH, a Big Pharma operation, is advocating yearly Covid “vaccination” despite the massive and mounting evidence of deaths and injuries by the “vaccine.”  And the presstitute media, flush with Big Pharma advertising revenues, is pushing the institutionalization of annual vaccination.  NBC and the other presstitutes are pushing the narrative of Covid’s return, which helps the CDC encourage the public to continue taking boosters, by asking why isn’t the government ready with a booster.

In other words, all that we have learned about the extremely high risks and ineffectiveness of the Covid “vaccines” is being totally ignored by regulatory agencies that are supposed to protect the public’s health and by universities which are supposed to be collections of intelligent people.

Some of us understood that the continuation of the profit-and-power-driven Covid protocols would be the consequence of the failure by Congress, media, and the medical establishment to hold accountable those responsible for the Covid Deception. See this. The presstitutes and social media continue to censor the truth about Covid and the vaccine and continue to turn a blind eye to the mounting deaths and injuries from the “vaccine.”  We now have a medical establishment that is inhumane and cannot be trusted with human life.