Don’t Let Them Normalize the Abnormal

The mind control campaign being implemented has steadily pushed the lines on what is considered normal. Increasingly the abnormal is being pushed as normal. In the social sphere we have seen this steady march toward normalizing the abnormal. We live in an age where media is attempting to normalize pedophilia and demonize those opposed to human trafficking. Misguided people are advancing the delusion that there are not two sexes. This has been taken to such an extreme that people feel the need to declare their pronouns.

This type of virtue signaling is often driven by a desperate need for acceptance and approval. We saw this, and still see this in some areas, regarding wearing face diapers. Following lines on the floor in the supermarket, standing six feet apart, and in some cases, injecting the C19 bioweapon shots, were done to feel good. Guilting or coercing people to get the C19 bioweapon injections, denying life saving health care, and even organ transplants, all of these horrendous abnormal behaviors were normalized.

The computer algorithm that allowed the pervy guy running for president from his basement to win an election against a sitting president that garnered more votes than any previous sitting president, was not normal. It was not normal for six states to stop counting votes in the middle of the night on election night. It was also not normal that in each of these states the votes kept being counted until the guy running from his basement won in all six states. Fake elections are the new normal, and that’s not normal.

Upside down to say the least…

The normalizing of the abnormal has escalated. The recent cardiac arrest, while at basketball practice, by Bronny James, son of Lebron, is a common occurrence according to CNN’s Sanjay Gupta. That’s right, 18 year old athletes have heart attacks everyday. Nothing to see here.

With too many incidences to ignore, a concerted effort is being made to normalize this. A subtle shift is occurring. Instead of totally pretending it isn’t going on, we are not being told that young people having heart attacks and strokes are a normal occurrence.

A few recent incidents paint a picture. Torry Kelly, a 30 year old pop singer passed out at a dinner and was admitted into the hospital with blood clots by vital organs. Reportedly she had clots in her legs and her lungs. Another young and apparently healthy broadcaster, ESPN’s Shaka Hislop, collapsed on live TV at a sporting event recently. Journalist Roberto Guedes died suddenly on live TV in Brazil covering a soccer game. Another school teacher died of a heart attack in class. A twenty four year old woman exercising in the park in Brazil died of a stroke. The extraordinary number of people being injured and dying from these C19 injections is not normal.

None of this is normal.

The dark field microscopy revealing self assembling nanotech in the blood that create blue filaments that form into biosynthetic blood clots that can’t be pulled apart, are not normal. The self assembling technology discovered in Lantus insulin and discovered in Humalog insulin, just does not appear normal. I know this will sound like a stretch, but the microchips being formed in the dental anesthetics, does not appear normal, either.

It is time for some basic reality testing.

There are only two sexes. Male and female. Pedophilia is a serious twisted sickness and crime. Everybody in their right mind should be opposed to human trafficking. It is not normal for a country to not protect its borders. The borders are left unprotected to create a problem and then offer a police state solution, such as E-verify. And of course, open borders are about weakening the nation and submerging the United States into a global tyrannical system of government. Biological systems, even nations, that are totally open or totally closed, die.

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