Egypt’s Couch Party Overturned Election Coup – Could US Do the Same?

“Release from slavery came ‘out of Egypt’” – paraphrase Book of Acts, Christian New Testament

In 2011, Egypt was in somewhat similar oppressed situation as the US is today: suffering a stealth coup from a rigged election of a US-backed terrorist Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi, who, if he were in the US, would be like electing someone from Black Lives Matter.  How Egyptian citizens overturned this coup has implications for the US today.

Preceding the 2011 illegitimate takeover of Egypt were TV spectacle riots in Cairo’s Tahrir Square covered favorably by Western media protesting the alleged repressive, “anti-democracy” presidency of Hosni Mubarak (Mubarak was later indicted for contrived crimes and brought into court in a cage to humiliate him in a show trial much like former president Trump).  The then US president Barak Obama dispatched the US Navy to intimidate the Egyptian military from monitoring the voting. The Muslim Brotherhood were also carrying out murders of Coptic Christians in churches to scare them away from voting.  The (Jimmy) Carter Center sent election monitors to Egypt to assure the leftist-desired outcome of the sham election.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared on TV insisting on a peaceful transition to “democracy” in what was euphemistically called “The Arab Spring” – or Egypt would be blackmailed, sanctioned and threatened by the US freezing its financial reserves in US dollars.  The Arab Spring was nothing more than what is called a “color revolution” where regimes unfavorable to the globalist Left are toppled with the assistance of American Neo-Cons, the CIA and foreign bankers out of London.  In a color revolution a new colored flag, such as rainbow flag, is typically flown signaling the usurpation of the government.  Even Communist China has recently called for the US to stop its tyrannical use of color revolutions to serve the interests of its most favored nations in the Middle East which use the US military as a mercenary force.

Once in power, newly installed president Mohammed Morsi proceeded to dissolve the upper house of the Egyptian Parliament, called for throwing out the Egyptian constitution crafted by the French, and invoked a divine right to execute any resisters. Morsi was like a Manchurian candidate who claimed he was a NASA rocket scientist based on the time he attended college in the US.  Once installed as president, Morsi advocated the US free Omar Ahmed-Rahman, the “Blind Sheikh” terrorist of The Islamic Group and the convicted leader of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing in New York.  He also had an ambitious plan to cede Egypt’s sovereignty over the Sinai Peninsula, which adjoins Israel, to the Palestinian Hamas terrorist organization.  After Morsi became president, Hillary Clinton visited Egypt but was famously greeted with a mass of women protesters who threw their shoes at her in disgust.  Morsi also appointed General Absel El-Sissi, the chief of military intelligence, as defense secretary, which would prove to be his undoing.

The bulk of Egyptians were dumbfounded that a president had been installed who was a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, a known terrorist organization in the Middle east that comprised only 2 million out of a population of 82 million in Egypt in 2012. But somehow Morsi was purportedly voted in by a majority. After Morsi was in power, he enforced a two-tier system of laws and rights and smuggled terrorists into the country through tunnels in the Sinai.  That was too much for most Egyptians, especially liberal Egyptians journalists who Morsi had killed, sued and jailed for criticizing him.

Unlike other nations, the military in Egypt has the legitimate right to remove a president for treasonous acts. Despite the public clamor to remove Morsi as illegitimately elected, Defense Secretary Gen. El-Asissi announced he couldn’t act to remove him and his gang of thugs without some overwhelming legitimacy from the citizenry.  Thus, the ad hoc Couch Party came into being which had no party affiliation.  It was the self-proclaimed movement of Egypt’s silent majority who simply wanted stability, an end to intentional economic destruction and the end of rampant criminal acts committed with impunity.

On Dec. 4, 2012, some reported 50 to 60 million Egyptians took to the streets to signal their desire to end the terrorist Morsi regime by taking the couches in their houses and moving them out onto the street all day – thus the term “Couch Party”.  It was a brilliant tactic because people couldn’t be singled out for persecution later as were the demonstrators in the American January 6, 2020, election protest in Washington DC.

The Couch Party was a broad coalition that was formed in 2012 to oust Morsi and his hoodlums, comprised of the Al Azhar Moslem University in Cairo, the Coptic Christian Pope, the judiciary, broadcast media, entertainers and the police along with the army.  After the army removed Morsi, they appointed the Chief Justice of the Egyptian Supreme Court as interim president.  Thus, taking back the government was not a coup because it had the legitimacy of the people and their institutions.

In the US in 2020 the same sort of “color revolution” coup was carried out to change the outcome of the presidential election under the pretense of a pandemic, race riots, massive immigration and the imposition of gender alternation policies funded by wealthy foreign oligarchs with dual citizenship in the US. It’s stated strategy was for the Professional Class in a coalition with Black Bourgeoisie, to oppress and lay siege to America’s mainly white Working Class under Communist-like pogroms of anti-racism.   It is orchestrated and funded by high tech computer corporations who, for example, gave a staggering $83 billion to Black Lives Matter to foment race riots.  Antifa is similarly funded by wealthy oligarchs such as George Soros. Transexual surgery clinics were funded by the Pritzker Family (billionaire J.B. Pritzker is governor of Illinois).

The American people for the most part accepted the takeover of their government without opposition, except for the January 6 demonstrators.

This amounts to an insurrection mainly by parasitic “software” corporations and professions against the productive “hardware” sector of the economy. The globalists want to:

* Replace the energy sector with green power,

* Take over farming with synthetic GMO, RNA-laced foods,

* Capture auto manufacturing with all-electric vehicles,

* Drum teachers out of local schools through gender change and White-privilege policies,

* Continue to undermine native “hardware” industries by offshoring to China,

* Replace abundant water supplies with rationing to favored industries and racial categories (e.g. South Africa)

* Replace local banking with globalist banks with social credit policies (Savings & Loans were already destroyed by the Keating Five in the 1980’s and 1990’s).

* Replace the doctor-patient relationship with a system of totalitarian hospital-based imposed drug medicine

* Criminalize the working class, traditional religion institutions, naturopath doctors, unvaccinated

* Declare war against any nations or cabal that threatens the emerging globalist money system

The globalists are desperate because they see the emerging economic contraction due to the devaluation of the casino-like US fiat dollar exchange system threatening their corporate welfare monopolies and have declared a de facto war on the mainline economy and culture.  Their goal is to replace the consumer market economy with rationing and corporate monopolies. This is a class war more than it is a contrived race war, civil war or ideological war.

Now, the US is in the same predicament that the Egyptians were in around 2012, only worse because the military has already been co-opted by the government.  Could a copycat “couch party” emerge in the US without it being infiltrated and subverted by the CIA or by controlled opposition conservatives?

As the Christian scriptures state the plausible release from slavery and totalitarian fascism may come “out of Egypt”.