Invasion of the Border Snatchers

Nothing demonstrates the extent of American apathy, and the deadness of White resistance, more than our wide open southern border. There’s been a revolving door between us and Mexico for over four decades now. The recent expiration of Title 42 caught the ever shortening attention span of the public, however briefly.

Evidently, Title 42, which I’d never heard of before, was a heretofore little known minor Trumpian accomplishment. Of so little consequence even his most ardent defenders never mentioned it. But whatever it was, it’s now gone. Things will now be even worse, we are told, which is hard to believe. There is zero enforcement already. So now there will be less than zero, to quote Elvis Costello? Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent extra border patrol agents to not deal with the situation. And they are not dealing, which is what they do. If he gets angry enough, perhaps he’ll send a bunch more down there to do nothing.

Abbott, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, represents the Stupid Party approach to the forced changing of American demographics. He is sending illegals to New York, and Chicago. Great! That will show those despicable liberals. Now I admit DeSantis’s stunt of sending them to Martha’s Vineyard was grand entertainment. Very Trumpian. But it accomplished nothing, except to further expose the rampant hypocrisy of the Left. As if we didn’t know that already. If you’re going to ship them to other places, at taxpayer expense, why not actually ship them back across the southern border? Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic is a pretty good analogy here.

We have achieved maximum madness on the immigration question. But how did we reach this point? As it is with the rest of the lunacy we must now cope with, it didn’t happen without countless opportunities to change course. Ronald Reagan had the first, and best, chance in 1986. But he granted amnesty to millions, opening the floodgates. The cuckservatives tell us that the Democrats “lied” to him, or “fooled” him. Yeah, Reagan, and later Trump, got fooled a lot. In my next volume of Hidden History, I’ll expose more of the real Reagan. He was always an open borders advocate. Only Stupid Party loyalists could have been fooled by him.

Thanks to the “conservative” Burger Supreme Court, the children of illegals were guaranteed a free public school education during the Reagan years. Both Bushes never even pretended to want to control immigration. Just give us your poorest huddled masses, willing to work very, very cheap. There is no point in mentioning Clinton or Obama. We all became used to hearing the mantra that “they’re just doing the jobs Americans won’t do.” As if a healthy dose of legal immigrants, and untold millions of illegals, wasn’t enough, they started importing foreign visa workers through several diabolical government programs that you paid for.

Actually, you paid for all of this. That’s the great thing about our “democracy,” the one that we’re indirectly fighting for in Ukraine, where the beloved penis-piano-playing crisis actor has been flooded with funds from grateful ‘Murrican taxpayers. We finance the immigration authorities, and the border patrol, even though none of them do their job. You know, like guarding the border and deporting those who enter the country illegally. Recently, Owen Shroyer of Infowars filmed some great videos at the border, and showed how the border patrol and other law enforcement was more concerned with stopping him filming, than with stopping any illegal invaders. Someone ought to tell Governor Abbott about that.

However many billions we’ve spent on government agencies and personnel that were tasked with stopping immigration over the past forty years or more, it was all wasted. Every penny of it. Since it wasn’t spent on enforcing our immigration laws, then what was it spent on? Just as we see how FEMA is never there during any “emergency,” and obviously has nothing at all to do the majority of the time, when there isn’t even a fake emergency going on. Clearly, there is a black hole where all these funds go. Perhaps this is where the Whistleblower Hit Squad gets its financing. It’s astonishing that anyone with ICE or the border patrol has the audacity to show their face in public.

Immigration is a triggering issue for me. It’s been mind-boggling to watch this unfold, since the late 1970s. I ranted about this early on, and as usual my family and friends rolled their eyes and/or tuned me out. Even when these same people would begin to complain about all the “foreigners” showing up in their midst, and about them not speaking English, it still didn’t change the way they voted. Pat Buchanan was the only candidate, until Donald Trump, to talk sensibly about immigration. But all the good “conservatives,” the ones who were complaining the loudest about the immigrants, voted for the Bush-type RINOs. Save us, Mitt Romney! The last Democrat to care about the invasion was former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm.

And it is an invasion, by any definition. The British storming the White House in 1812, and the “sneak” attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, were nothing compared to this. For decades, our horrendous political “representatives” looked the other way, passed the buck, blamed each other- all the things they regularly do. Meanwhile, we were importing a new underclass. Hispanics- a politically expedient term which didn’t exist before the 1980s- have long been our largest minority group, although you wouldn’t know it by watching sports or the products of Hollywood. There wasn’t a single “Hispanic” in my 1974 high school graduating class. They are probably the majority now in my old high school, and all others in this county.

Most significantly, the invasion is a nonwhite one, engineered inexplicably by White leaders. The vast majority of the legal immigrants, thanks to the “reform” act of 1965, come from majority nonwhite countries. Virtually all illegal immigration is nonwhite. And all the unnecessary foreign visa workers are nonwhite. Combined with the shockingly low White birth rate, which continues to drop, it doesn’t take much thought to understand what’s really happening. The Great Replacement. The Whites who acknowledge what’s going on are wholeheartedly in favor of it. They hate Whites. Except themselves, I guess.

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