The Wealth of Nations – Mercantilism

Bankers, Wall Street Capitalists and Elite Businessmen are like Mercenaries – they have no country, no allegiance, they have no morals or ethics, and they operate on one principle – MONEY.   Traditionally, Money is made through peace, trade, and a prosperous society.   The Minoan’s were a perfect study for this equation. However, in the world of elite businessmen, Money is made by maintaining a level of instability.   The instability creates polarity wherein only the ‘select’ make money while draining society.

The US Trade Deficit is expanding as imports increase dramatically while exports cringe.   The 2022 data reveals an increase in the goods and services deficit of 12.2%.   According to US Treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, this is good news!   The US economy is stable, no signs of a potential recession, and the global economy is improving!

Yellen’s advisor was Stiglitz, and she was influenced by Krugman.   What exactly do economists do?   The role of an economist is to study data and note trends.   Some economists make future predictions – or forecasts.   Like scientists, the end result of an economist’s forecasts is based on ‘theory’.  

John Maynard Keynes developed theories in the early 20th century that the Federal Reserve still uses to manage monetary policy today.   However, it was Scottish Adam Smith who is widely credited with creating the field of modern economics.  In 1776, Adam published The Wealth of Nations.  The major premise of his book detailed the Division of Labour:

“When labourers bid against one another for limited opportunities for employment, the wages of labour collectively fall, whereas when employers compete against one another for limited supplies of labour, the wages of labour collectively rise.”

Smith saw labour as a commodity.   The gist of his thought was based in his absolute denouncement of all things  ‘mercantilism’.   Developed in the 16th century, mercantilism believed in a slave labour state.   Economic oppression stated that labourers should not be educated, and should lead a life of bare subsistence never garnering any extra money.

The policies associated with mercantilism included:   sanctioning, high tariffs, monopolies, limiting wages, subsidies, and restricting domestic consumption.   As a direct result of these policies, warfare was the only means of expansion.   Take from another state and then eliminate its ability to compete.   Fueling Imperialism.

The concept of Imperialism is Colonialism.   Colonialism is the US doctrine of ‘democracy’.   When a nation is not applying the mercantilism system then it is not a democracy and must be re-educated.   Or destroyed.  Syria.   Russia.

Democracy is defined as a government wherein The People have the authority to define legislation.   But that doesn’t exist – not in any nation.   Democracy is an illusion.   It is a word used to invite regime change, coups, war, isolation, sanctions, and economic turmoil.

In reality Americans are living within the ‘economic system’ of mercantilism.

The theory of democracy is to dangle a carrot in order for the people to work harder for the enjoyment of the Masters.   While the wealth remains attached to the Master the labourers are given appeasement funds in the form of ‘paper’.   The concept of ‘Debt’ was created to erase assets and thus any degree of labour wealth.

Immigrants escorted into the US are additional labourers.   As a result, the market has a surplus of workers. Thus immigration keeps wages low.   And inequality expands exponentially.

Education in the US is steadily declining.   The Pandemic helped to fuel this downward spiral.   Math, Science, and Reading skills – the most basic subjects – are plummeting.  Overall, US students will not join the entrepreneur club of growth and instead be retrofitted for manual labour further skewing the income inequality agenda.

The US is the world’s largest economy with household consumption being the biggest driver.   According to ‘economists’ the health of the US is predicted to change drastically with an estimated GDP growth outlook for 2024 dropping to a mere 1% according to the IMF. By comparison, the IMF predicts India’s economy will grow 6.3% in 2024 and China’s by 4.5%.  Reality or Illusion?

The hard reasoning behind these drastic predictions is the source of GDP.   For the US, agriculture and manufacturing account for less than 20% while China and India are roughly 50%.   The US is NOT producing goods – it is producing labour.   Labour is the secondary class with limited education and free time = mercantilism.    

The Banker Mercenaries are now busily consolidating.   Stakeholders will become the New Government.    And more banks are slated to declare bankruptcy.   Warren Buffett sates that is normal. Yellen states that banks are all stable.   And Federal Reserve economists have declared that the banking ‘crisis’ will usher in a recession…   Who to believe?

This originally appeared on Helena-The Nationalist Voice.