Globus Hystericus

The world has gone mad.

— Every sensible person of every generation

In the early eighties, the cold war began to heat up again as the threat of global nuclear annihilation reached heights not seen since the Cuban missile crisis. The American people were reminded of the threat every night on the evening news. By 1983 the Gipper famously called the Soviet Union an Evil Empire in a prepared speech to the National Association of Evangelicals.

A few years earlier a Swine Flu outbreak threatened the nation and “vaccines” were quickly rolled out to save the day, which ended up killing thirty-two Americans, and were just as quickly rolled back. No pandemic ensued and the threat was likely fabricated like all the rest.

By comparison, there have been 32,000 Covid “vaccine” deaths in the U.S. in 20 months according to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) which is a minimum of 10x-40x underreported, which makes the death toll anywhere from 320,000 to 1.28 million. The injury and maiming numbers are in the tens of millions.

What is the government’s response to their own genocide?

To keep it going.

The Biden Administration ordered 171,000,000 new Omicron boosters that were only tested on eight mice. Four of those mice died, and the other four are now 5G booster antennas on the roof of the NIH building. A recent study that probably wasn’t funded by the usual pharma cartel shills shows that these boosters will result in 98x more adverse events for every life “saved” from sniffles infection.

The good news is the majority of the nation has finally sniffed out the scam.

The sad news is that the historical comparisons are not so favorable to current government intentions.

The Swine flu vaccines killed 32 and were pulled just four years after the Club of Rome published their infamous fraudulent study on the limits of population growth which now shapes official western “sustainable” depopulation policies. Life was very different before an organized Global Technocracy declared total war on humanity, though not everything was that different.

That period of the 1970s to the early 1980s included energy shocks, consumer price inflation, high crime, social unrest, and nuclear armageddon headlines that were taken seriously by the far more serious people in charge back then. That’s where we are today, with Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford considered serious people compared to the demented teleprompter reader in the high castle.

The people behind the demented one appear to be abolutely psychotic and dangerous in addition to being deeply unserious. Today, global thermonuclear armageddon appears to be the official policy of the new evil empire, with psychological operations to keep the threat from Putin in the headlines that are as laughable as they are sad. The Daily Mail in the UK is working overtime to print their cartoonish “Putin-Nuke” headlines every hour now.

But that period of the 1970s to the early 1980s was almost identical to the period we’re living in today. Only the economics are inverted. The U.S. and U.K. are coming off a decade of false prosperity manifested through easy monetary policies, cheap credit, inflated Ponzi bubbles, manipulated economic data, a fake pandemic, and a deadly vaccine program that wasn’t rolled back but instead pushed forward relentlessly with lies and propaganda.

Both nations are now heading towards the conditions of the 1970s and early 1980s — a decade of high inflation, energy blackouts, oil price shocks, high crime, and social unrest, with daily psyop nuclear armageddon headlines designed to keep the people anxious and fearful, except this time all of it appears intentionally engineered.

The high inflation may be to destroy fiat currencies and the legacy financial system to implement a more tyrannical (yes, it’s possible) system that gives far more power to those controlling it — states and central banks. The energy shocks are not temporary and are being weaponized to alter consumer behavior. The high crime and social unrest keep the populations on edge and constantly looking to the state to assert ever-greater power over their lives, despite being the source of all their problems.

Mainland Europe is in an even worse situation with inflation twice the rate as the U.S. and energy grid destruction priming western EU nations for a massive depression. With no resistance or even the slightest outrage from European governments, the EU’s biggest defense ally, Team America has made catastrophic ecological and economic terror attacks against the union a matter of official foreign policy. Poland is happy to participate and may have done so in the pipeline sabotage. Anytime they can stick it to both Russia and Germany at the same time they won’t hesitate.

The return to the cold war games is another similarity to that period, though the Russian and U.S. empire situation is now also inverted. The U.S. spent the first two decades of this century solidifying its role as the new “Evil Empire” extorting nations or toppling those that didn’t accept its terms of Petrodollar slavery, using state terror to facilitate civil wars and regime change in the poor desperate nations with oil or other natural resources, all under the pretense of fighting its global war on “terror” by using state-sanctioned terror.

To be clear the U.S. was always an evil empire, shuttling a thousand Nazis out of Europe with Operation Paperclip, for every Nazi hanged at Nuremberg. It only ever cared about power and scheming for the next wars. It was just easier to shield evil activities behind buzzwords like “freedom” and “democracy” that played well domestically, in addition to “fighting the communist menace” earning the consent of the governed through heightened threats, fabricated or real, and “our side is righteous” gaslighting operations.

In the decade after the fall of the Soviet Union, the new evil empire engaged in plundering Russia’s resources and appropriating its industries for financialization dictated by rapacious speculators that minted the new City of London endorsed Russian Oligarchs. On the geopolitical front, NATO engaged in ceaseless expansion up toward Russia’s borders in violation of previous guarantees made to Russia in the early 1990s. Russia was disorganized and weak to do anything about the plundering and exploitation and expanding threats up to its borders. After a decade of rebuilding under Vladimir Putin, the balance of power somewhat equaled out, though the U.S. never ceased in attempting to force Russia to its knees.

Keeping and making new enemies is extremely profitable for the Military Industrial Complex. War is a business. It embezzles taxpayer money on a scale only Big Pharma can compete with while keeping populations anxious and fearful in a way that only Globopsycho’s gain-of-dysfunction lab viruses can accomplish.

In the past decade, Russia and the new evil empire engaged in fighting a proxy war in Syria, with Russia coming to Bashar Al Assad’s defense against CIA operations that sought to destabilize the nation, topple its dictator and extract its oil while preparing the way for Qatari natural gas pipelines to Europe that would have undermined Russia’s entire economy. The new evil empire realized two of those four goals, turning the nation into a divided heap of rubble with U.S. troops now relegated to guarding northern oil fields as the empire still siphons Syria’s oil resources at gunpoint.

The evil empire is now domestically plundering strategic oil reserves to manage midterm election appearances or to create worse oil price shocks and mass shortages than those of the mid-1970s. Saudi Arabia, the evil empire’s longtime ally in energy independence and petrodollar plundering appears to be joining forces with Russia to undermine its status as a printer of the global reserve currency.

The empire’s response to its own self-immolating policies that have turned two-thirds of the world against it?

Reignite cold war tensions to a level not seen in fifty-five years while destroying Europe’s energy infrastructure, laundering more MIC money through Ukraine, blacklisting Russian media, increasing censorship of domestic alternative media, forcing deadly vaccines on military personnel, declaring fossil fuels criminal, calling for a total ban on gas-powered vehicles by 2035, while blaming gas stations and energy companies for high gas prices.

Welcome to the global green revolution of sustainable bio-energy-medical-nuclear-economic terror operations.

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