What the Lizard People Mean by "Democracy"

From the Tom Woods Letter:

If there’s one thing — other than the Covid shots, that is — that we’re lectured about 24 hours a day, it’s “democracy.”

Oh, our elites can’t get themselves enough democracy!

They are deeply concerned about following the will of the people, you understand.

But as I mentioned last week, the Progressive Era in the United States was not so much about “democracy” as it was transitioning toward so-called expert direction of society, albeit with a veneer of democracy. What mattered to the Progressives was that they themselves were ultimately in charge.

This is how their modern counterparts can say, in all seriousness, that they’re “saving democracy” even when they’re sabotaging officials who won democratic elections. In case it sounds like they’re contradicting themselves, they’re really not. They are democracy. They and their colleagues and cronies and so-called experts are democracy, and the stupid rubes who won’t just bend the knee to them and do as they say are the enemies of democracy.

Have a future in mind that doesn’t involve crippling energy prices, eating bugs, having your kids brainwashed, and watching central banks siphon away your wealth? Why, you may be a danger to “democracy,” citizen.

As Sam Francis wrote back in 2004, “What they mean by ‘democracy’ is nothing more than the system of dominance that came to prevail in the United States and the Western world in the last half of the last century.  That system has nothing to do with elections, opposition parties, civil and political rights, or ‘liberty,’ nor does it have anything to do with political theory, ancient or modern. ‘Democracy,’ as the neocons and the President and most others who are enthusiastic about it use the word, means the centralized leviathan state under the firm and unqualified control of the managerial bureaucracy and those political forces able to influence it.”

So to review: democracy means rule by a self-identified elite, or people endorsed by that elite.

I present to you the most recent example of this phenomenon, this one from Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission.

She recently said, referring to Italy, “We’ll see if things go in a difficult direction — I have spoken of Hungary and Poland — we have tools.”

In other words: sorry, people, but if you vote for parties we dislike, we’ll sanction you. That’s “democracy”! (Of course, our elites don’t dislike left-wing parties no matter how much wreckage or destruction they cause.)

Oh, and incidentally, try to make sense of this: the sacred “people” are supposed to be capable of choosing among political candidates, but they are evidently incapable of choosing among ideas, which is why the federal government — which loves democracy, remember — spent the Covid panic suppressing dissident voices, generally through pressure on Big Tech (which was all too happy to go along).

Incidentally, there are ways to avoid the privacy problems and censorship of Big Tech, but most people either don’t know how or don’t know where to start. One of my readers has just the thing, though he’s closing the doors on it this week. Enjoy: